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New Fiat Tipo Street 1.4 5dr now £11,195.00 (with 3yrs servicing extra £199) @
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Posted 23rd Sep 2019Posted 23rd Sep 2019
New Fiat Tipo Street 1.4 5dr now £11,195.00 (with 3yrs servicing extra £199) @£11,195£15,40527%
OK yes it's a Fiat and I expect this to get a little chilly BUT it's a focus/astra/golf sized rival with a good spec & all for £11,195 for a 1.4 95bhp petrol. So own it.. No p… Read more
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Have driven a Yaris hybrid with 99bhp and I feel it's could do with more power. This at 95bhp will no doubt be very sluggish as those who have had it tells their story. Great price though, I would go for the turbo diesel version but that would cost more.


I have had the Tipo for 18 months and I am getting rid of it, after owning 4 Puntos without issues, this has been a nightmare Lambda sensors keep going, drivers window needed a new cable as it broke, had the pads done and they aren't easy to get hold of for some reason, replacement parts cost a lot too as its a "new" car


I agree about the noise, not great but not the worst for a small/mediam car, i have the stepway. It has ac and cruise control. I've had it 5 years now and 80k in, no problems so far. Mines the 1.5 diesel.


mine is 1.2 petrol engine , diesel version 1.5 DCI was around £2000 more expensive,so thats why i buy petrol.For the price the DACIA is OK,however i found things like AC,cruize control are things that you must have if you make 20K per year. And the other think that i don`t like in my dacia is how noise is when im on the motorway,extremely noisy....if you use it just to go to the shop or like a spare car its OK,but if you travel a lot i don`t recommendet that car you will be very dissapinted andyoui cannot enjoy your ride


Think the 0.9 petrol and 1.5 DCI engine are both better than Fiat's 1.4 engine. The sanderos engines are the same at the Clio.

Fiat Tipo - Street (1.4 95hp) - £10,995 + Three Years Servicing for £199 - Saving £4410 from usual OTR Price @ Fiat Shop
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Posted 12th May 2019Posted 12th May 2019
Fiat Tipo - Street (1.4 95hp) - £10,995 + Three Years Servicing for £199 - Saving £4410 from usual OTR Price @ Fiat Shop£10,995£15,40529%
I'm sure this thread will be torn apart by some as the car is a Fiat, but thought this is excellent considering the price, and other cars in this class costing £7-8k more for the b… Read more

Well for a start Panda's are still sold today and sit in a different market segment. The Panda's ancestor was the 126 (its design was to address 5 door access crossing between 126 and 127 to address French competition). The 500 was replaced by the 127, then the Uno until it was resurrected into their line up. Tipo sits then above both of these being more a family orientated car both longer, wider albeit more squat. Considering a Panda to be equivalent to a Tipo is like considering a Ford Ka to be equivalent to a Focus or a Kia Picanto equivalent to a Ceed.


This is probably the equivalent model to the Panda today although a little larger. You have traded one underpowered car for another. At least you should be skilled in dealing with an underpowered car. In fairness I'm sure this car will be capable of the speed limit on a motorway no problem, perhaps even some over-taking albeit slightly slow doing it. It has a top speed of 113mph and 0-60mph in about 12 seconds. It's uncompetitive compared to a turbo engine but still reasonable for everyday use.


I had a fiat panda with 16000 miles on it which dropped down to 50mph on motorway and just traded it in for this deal thinking it was just the panda that had the problem due to it being fiats budget im worried


I drove one yesterday. Decent enough. Agree slightly underpowered but as a run about it’s decent enough Heads up Worksop Fiat offering it for cash at £9978.


It delivered 44mpg over 150 miles. I didn’t drive it like I stole it, I drove it I assume how it should have been driven. I feel some of the people commenting about this car being underpowered have not even driven it or perhaps all have AMGs sitting on their driveways.

Fiat Tipo Easy 1.4 95hp down from £14320 to £9999 until 31/12/2018 @ Fiat
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Posted 12th Dec 2018Posted 12th Dec 2018
Fiat Tipo Easy 1.4 95hp down from £14320 to £9999 until 31/12/2018 @ Fiat£9,999£14,32030%
The Fiat Tipo Hatchback stands up to all expectations. Main features include: - Cruise control - Autonomous emergency brake - DAB radio, Bluetooth and USB - Steering wheel with au… Read more
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FIAT= Fix It Again Tomorrow! Dreadful carsHowever I Still LOVE Mine, and it was the only fiat you Could buy which is really decent, would not touch any other fiat tho...


I have really been tempted by one of these, as I hand back my salary sacrifice Ateca in January, and I have been quoted around £8.5k on carwow for cash. Just not sure, having not driven one, and previously been used to Hyundai 5yr warranty.


Fiat is a 1 crap car


Had one of these as a hire car for a few days recently. Yes it's got a cheap plastic interior, but then it's a cheap car, well enough specced, but this engine is horrible. It is hugely lacking in torque. IMHO it has enough power but the torque curve is all wrong. If anybody is considering buying one, I'd urge you to get to a dealer and try to test drive alongside the 95hp diesel and/or the 1.3 multijet. Both engines should be much better in this application.


Go into any fiat garage and ask for Tony, he’ll be there!

buy a new Fiat and get 0% finance for three years
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Posted 9th Nov 2017Posted 9th Nov 2017
buy a new Fiat and get 0% finance for three years
(highfive) Buy a brand new Fiat and get 0% finance for three years. Doesn't seem like a bad deal to me.
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Fix it again tam


I'm so late but this has made my day (lol) . I drive fiat punto grande, my other half drives Range Rover sport. I used his car once while mine was in for MOT, needless to say I was never aloud again. I scrapped up the kerb only slightly and he didn't speak to me for almost a week. He bigs up my fiat to everyone now (only whilst I'm there of course)(annoyed)


thanks man


I feel your pain, I had a petrol Freelander, what a money pit that was.


The latest generation is among the better 'city' cars but it isn't the best. It's also bigger than most. Most cars can be 'the best' to someone for some reason though.

Fiat Panda POP 1.2 69 BHP £6995 + 0%APR (£3628 Deposit) 24 months @ Fiat dealers
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Posted 11th Oct 2016Posted 11th Oct 2016
Fiat Panda POP 1.2 69 BHP £6995 + 0%APR (£3628 Deposit) 24 months @ Fiat dealers£6,995
not exatly Ferrari but not bad value. Featured specification Body coloured bumpers Central locking Curtain airbags Trip computer Trip computer Dual drive PAS Radio/CD with MP3 pl… Read more
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I feel sorry for whoever you sold it to!


Not a bad car for the money but find out about your local dealer before you buy, some are good, some are so bad they will put you off Fiat for life.


Hot for me, I had my Fiat Panda for 10 years and not one problem, (touch wood)even though I have never had it serviced.



great to drive plenty of room inside for a small hatch. hot from me

Free downloadable fiat group owners manuals
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Posted 20th May 2016Posted 20th May 2016
Free downloadable fiat group owners manuals
Bought a used fiat-Chrysler group car? Lost or misplaced the owners manual? Don,t want to pay for costly replacements? You can now get Free downloadable owners manuals for fiat … Read more
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fiat drive away today deal
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Posted 3rd Mar 2016Posted 3rd Mar 2016
fiat drive away today deal£8,000
From 15th February to 31st march, you can drive away in any new car in fiat range with £0 deposit and £0 to pay for the first 3 months 5.9% APR Representative.   Simply sign and dr… Read more
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I prefer Tomorrow. It implies that the Fiat has to be fixed every day, probably by Tony.


It's Tony. FIAT even ran an ad to finally address the joke.


fix it again TOMORROW


Fix It Again Tony


Buying a Fiat over 4 years? oO

PANDA POP 1.2 8V 69HP£99 month and £129 deposit £5976.00 @ Fiat
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Posted 6th Nov 2015Posted 6th Nov 2015
PANDA POP 1.2 8V 69HP£99 month and £129 deposit £5976.00 @ Fiat£5,976
4 year lease with 6k allowance per year, I know not a huge allowance but the low repayments and low deposit will appeal to many a family looking for a cheap shopping runabout
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​lol at this argument although totally agree with this comment. demister/blowers are useless when the weather is very damp and you are trying clear your windscreen air conditioning is good at clearing fast but I find you become reliant on it after using it because the screen steams up twice as fast when you turn it off due to the temperature differential with the outside world. when they are not broken fords front heated screens are probably the best option available


What utter nonsense. A demister works on any modern car perfectly well as does mine. Air-CON is a form of status symbol like alloy wheels or a gti badge. Its like old bald men driving open top mercs for the poor.


Demisters don't work as well as aircon - usually you have to be blowing a hurricane at your screen to clear it before the engine has properly warmed up and can have a decent stab at warming all the air in the cabin. It doesn't dry the air out like aircon does, and depending on whether your car has a pre-heater or not (i'm guessing not if it doesn't have aircon), the car could take a lot longer to warm up when you're diverting the heat that the engine is generating while trying to warm up into heating the air you're blasting onto the windscreen. Seconds to clear with aircon (without the hurricane), minutes to clear with a demister. They call it a demister as it's the best chance a car of very limited equipment has of keeping the windscreen clear of mist without aircon.


It will never mist up with the demister on. Thats why its called a demister.


The aircon can have your windscreen clear in seconds if the windscreen is misty on the inside and keep it that way the whole journey - you can have it clear before you move off. On the other hand, you could give the inside of your windscreen a wipe before you set off, but on a cold winters day it is likely to mist up again early on in the journey, causing you to pull over for (1) another wipe, (2) squint through the condensation, or (3) wipe while on the move. Luckily you know your Highway code and will undoubtedly choose option 1, stopping at a safe place to wipe your windscreen.

Test drive a Fiat 500L and get a free copy of the Lego Movie!
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Posted 15th Jul 2014Posted 15th Jul 2014
Test drive a Fiat 500L and get a free copy of the Lego Movie!
Quite straight forward, enter your details on the link and book a test drive, once you've done the test drive you'll then get a voucher code which you put into the link. Easy! We … Read more

DVD arrived yesterday! :D


Lockout ,,9/10 great movie


DVD arrived today, test drive 5 weeks ago. Phew! :D


Need a lot more than a dvd for driving a FIAT.


I contacted Fiat via the 'Contact Us' web form on their website last week. Got the following reply this morning: Thank you for contacting Fiat UK Ltd In regards to your email about the Lego dvd ,we would like to advise you that it should be with you within 6 to 8 weeks. Alternatively our Customer Service team remains available to further assist you if required, we are open from Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 18:00, on 00800 3428 0000 choosing option number 3

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Posted 4th Jan 2014Posted 4th Jan 2014
reliable car for a good price with fiat i-deal The instantly recognisable new Punto has unique style with sleek and eye-catching lines. It represents the perfect balance between … Read more
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Had a couple of Punto's always reliable and sound. These are now end of lines, new Punto replacement is due soon. Bargain price for still a decent looking car.


same old story with fiat. they assume that developing a good engine is sufficient to leave behind all the rest in their cars. and clearly it isn't sufficient. they'll never learn.


my missus has a punto and generally it's a pretty good car. Good spec for the price but feels a tad cheap and is quite loud when driving at speed (revs quite high, almost like it needs an extra gear). The ride is a bit stiff too. There are a few other things that I don't like about the too, namely the front pillars are too big, causing quite a noticeable blind spot which is most frustrating when making tight turns, as I find myself awkwardly tilting my head to make sure I don't clip the curbs. Boot space is pretty small considering the size of the car too. One good point is that it's fairly good fuel economy for a petrol.


and you will find it gets to about 109 mph before its out of puff


slow clap :p

Fiat punto Punto Pop 1.2 3DR offer £7995 or £8628 with finance at £119 pm
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Posted 5th Nov 2013Posted 5th Nov 2013
Fiat punto Punto Pop 1.2 3DR offer £7995 or £8628 with finance at £119 pm£7,995
Punto Pop 1.2 3DR offer which includes Electric Front Windows, Remote Central Locking, Dualdrive (TM) Power Steering, ABS, 5 Airbags, Height-Adjustable Driving Seat, Radio and MP3-… Read more

This is what Fiat is famous for.. Small car segment like the punto and 500. Decent enough deal, I bet the 1.4 turbo engine model is probably a lot more expensive? What an engine that turbo Is. I remember test driving a bravo sport which had the same turbo engine which produced 150bhp...... From a 1.4. They also do lower 120 bhp model.



Lacks style compared to the competition, other words dated.


I got one in the Sept Promotion. £85 deposit & 47 payments of £85.02. Final payment £3009 inc £285 finance fee. Car so far has been fine. Build quality is good. Fiat have upped their game on this version. It is a bit slow at low revs, but it will pick up and is more than adequate for mostly town use. 6 miles each way to work and getting 42 mpg, with no long journeys. It keeps up with similar type cars around it. Steering & clutch is light. Easy to drive. Day lights handy. We also have a 60 plate Fiesta owned since new and it is as good in my opinion. **** at your will. £19.62 a week I think is not bad. Took 3 year fixed service plan out and negotiated 15% discount on top of fixed price.


For those of you who say Fix It Again Tomorrow then that must also apply to - Ford, Vauxhall, Saab, Jeep, Dodge, etc etc who they build engines for. Oh better not buy a Ford KA that's built totally by Fiat with a Ford badge slapped on it. Those comments are normally made buy the same guys who say they are rust buckets. They are galvanised by the way.

62 plate practically brand new Fiat Panda 1.2 POP with extras from Fiat Main dealer
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Posted 10th Oct 2012Posted 10th Oct 2012
62 plate practically brand new Fiat Panda 1.2 POP with extras from Fiat Main dealer£6,495
Only 1 available. Practically brand new Fiat panda 1.2 pop with some extras,. is a front for a main dealer. Here is a car review,… Read more
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"Beg" being the key word.


To be fair if you follow the link it does say the car has delivery miles only, so a new car, just pre-reg I guess


Good cheap runabout, the wife drives one and it's one of the best driving small cheap cars I've ever driven. Agree with the other posts its a bit dear for what's second hand


Name made laugh. pop or plop


Fiat 500 uses same floor pan Im led to believe

New Fiat Panda Active / MyLife (12reg / old shape) offers £6645
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Posted 18th Jun 2012Posted 18th Jun 2012
New Fiat Panda Active / MyLife (12reg / old shape) offers £6645£6,645
I am looking for new car deal at the moment and this one here I believe quite good. First of all it is 5 door, important for us because easy to put child car seat. Cheap to run, … Read more

As long as they are Female, stunning and have great legs I can't really see the problem.


Nah it's not that expensive. It was £1800 to insure my 1 litre Corsa, but my postcode is one of the most expensive in the country (a lot don't even insure it). For girls it's a lot cheaper!


If you just test drove it with the salesman sat in with you then you wouldn't be driving it like it needs to be. I test drove one at a garage and wasn't impressed. Spoke to another owner who took me out in his and showed me how to drive it i.e. lots of revs and after a blast myself I changed my tune. At 100hp and less than a ton when driven with enthusiasm it really is very good fun to the point it reminds me a lot of my 205 GTi I had when I was 18 and the 205 is still considered one of the best drivers warm/hot hatchbacks about. I'm under no illusion that the 100hp is a fast car but for what it is it is a very fun to drive little motor. To put it into perspective previous motors included 205 Gti, BMW 3 series, 2 x Mazda RX-7 twin turbos, Renaultsport Clio 172 and a Mk1 Audi TT running 280bhp. All the reviews of the outgoing Panda were positive and the new shape Panda has recently come out on top of the new VW Up / Seat Mii / Skoda Go in the Autocar review.


Unfortunately thats about the only way a young person can get insured on a car, short of paying about 3 grand to insure a 1 litre micra or such like. Just putting my freshly passed child on my wifes micra would have cost me 1900 pounds and he is 25! i'd hate to see what it would cost to put a 17 year old on it. In the end he got a 1980s vw and got classic insurance 250 pounds for the year.


I hope you're not planning on 'fronting'...

Test drive a Fiat Punto & get a free £15 Ticketmaster voucher & 1 year British Cycling Ride Membership.
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Posted 8th Feb 2012Posted 8th Feb 2012
Test drive a Fiat Punto & get a free £15 Ticketmaster voucher & 1 year British Cycling Ride Membership.
Take a (horrible) Fiat Punto for a spin and get a free £15 e-voucher for Ticketmaster and 1 year British cycling ride membership. Full T&C's below: 1. Offer open to UK reside… Read more

My first car was a fiat punto 1999, loved it, never had a single issue with it in the 2 years I had it. I can compare this to many other cars as I have had 23 in total. I currently have a Saab 9-3 (2006) and I have had no end of problems. I'll never buy Saab again, but I sure will consider Fiat.


I had one as a hire car when someone went into mine. Not a bad car, there again.. mine was new, hire cars are usually worn in pieces of crap regardless!


koas, u seem to have a problem with the great british ? mmmm any british manufactures? i think the deal is about a car , i dont see anyone talking about nationality apart from u, are u what is called a troll?, and am i feeding u?,


Yeah well worth a test drive in the Evo Multi-Air Turbo if possible! The deal probably deserves more heat but as you will see on the site many vote negatively but no reason posted as to why


Guessing the idiots making snide comments are the ones who have never even owned or driven one. Cheap to run, cheap to insure , no better or worse than most same budget cars.

FREE 2GB MP3 Player and Faithless album ‘The Dance’ with Fiat Punto Evo Test Drive
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Posted 18th Aug 2010Posted 18th Aug 2010
FREE 2GB MP3 Player and Faithless album ‘The Dance’ with Fiat Punto Evo Test Drive
A little bit random but here we go... From the website: "Test drive it before 21 September and get a free MP3 player, together with limited edition Faithless album ‘The Dance’. Pe… Read more
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not bad for just a test drive, says ' thank youand your local dealer will be intouch with you shotly ' so im expecting a dealer outside my house in an evo... .. hold on..(_;)


should be ok i think... as long as its clean dont tell them that obviously!


Can you go for a test drive; at 18 years old, having a full driving licence for 7 months and with no intent of buying the car? :p


Only goes up to a 1.4 16valve... what's wrong with a good 2.0L turbo :D But good deal, you need to be good at saying no to the anoying sales people.


Thanks, love faithless, hate fiats but will do it for the free MP3 player =D

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Posted 23rd May 2010Posted 23rd May 2010
GRANDE PUNTO SOUND 1.4 3 DOOR £7295£7,295
List Price: £9785.00 Saving: £2490.00 Our Price: £7295.00 Fuel: Petrol The Grande Punto Sound ensures a firm, sharp and responsive drive. ... The Grande Punto Sound is a real s… Read more

Definately looking into this offer. Thanks, heat & rep :)


Devastating I'm sure. How will you ever get over such a blow? If I offer my eternal gratitude would that help a little?


I feel robbed, maybe I should have got the credit for this deal, having found it and the OP changed it because their deal was dearer !!! See first post


Well let's all ignore the statistics then (which put BMW mid table, OK but far from best) and rush out and buy one because yours have never had any 'major' problems (however you define major). What's the relevance here anyway when the cheapest new 'BMW' is the basic Mini at over £10K?


definately BMW, had BMW's for approx 6 years now, from old 1's to my new Cooper S... never any major problems, servicing reasonable, lots of extra's on 2nd hand models... best mates got an old 1987 325, still runs like a dream ;-)

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Posted 16th Jan 2010Posted 16th Jan 2010
I would rather spend an extra £300 and buy this instead of a kia picanto With the Government Scrappage Scheme you can save at least £2,000 on a brand new Fiat Panda, the compact c… Read more

Got one of these the other day, a base model 1.1 Active Eco For a smidgen under £5k with servicing included for first 36,000 miles. Compared to the alternative, a 5 yo Clio/Punto etc. for about £4k (need to budget for higher running costs) this is a no-brainer. The Clio etc. would be worth about £2k in 3 years so £2k depreciation, wouldn't be warranted, would need at least one service a year at about £75-100 a pop, costs £120/yr in road tax, needs an MOT every 12 months, will likely need normal wear & tear items like tyres, brakes etc. replacing in first 18 months and will be less fuel efficient. On top of this it is an older car, likely to be less safe in an accident and is, let's not forget, second hand with all the risks that entails. The Panda should still be worth at the very least £3k in 3 years time so £2k depreciation, has full warranty, servicing is covered, costs £35/yr road tax, no MOTs to worry about, shouldn't need any wear & tear items in first 18-24 months and will be more fuel efficient. On top of this it is brand spanking new and will probably fare better in an accident. This was to replace an MOT fail Micra which was getting on for 17 years old and we did look at the 5 door alternatives (Aygo, Pixo, i10, Picanto etc.) but none were as suitable (or as available - we needed a car quick due to the MOT fail!) as the Panda. Walked into the dealer on Friday afternoon, picked the car up on Monday - job done. Bangernomics are all well and good -- until about 7 months ago the combined age of both our cars was over 35 years so i know all about running older cars on a budget - but there comes a time when you need to know your car is going to be there when you need it and you don't want to have to worry about unexpected bills. Until our kids are finished full-time nursery and in school this is exactly the situation we are in, so a deal like this is exactly what we need. Oh, and the car's not bad aswell ;) certainly better than a £5k car from 10 or 20 years ago.


Thanks for showing the pic again, I never tire of seeing it!


Probably one of the most frowned upon cars ever made.


Thanks Besford :-D Yeah, number plates here are not that high up on the policing and justice agenda plus we only have a couple of fixed speed cameras anyway. I understand however that speed cameras and number plate recognition is big business in GB? :x


The qubo didn't get great reviews at all. The Note is a bit dull and sensible , but very reliable and practical. I'd also seriously consider a Fiat Grande Punto - I had one as a courtesy car recently and highly rated it , and there are some excellent buys around.

Learn to drive with BSM and get £500 dicount off a Fiat 500
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Posted 14th Dec 2009Posted 14th Dec 2009
Learn to drive with BSM and get £500 dicount off a Fiat 500
My Son is learning to drive through BSM in a Fiat 500 (very nice) Anyway, whe he passes he can get a voucher for £500 off a Fiat 500 or other free options for other cars in the r… Read more
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I think with driving lessons, the best recommendation is word of mouth. With a decent independent instructor, there's every chance you may save over this in lessons and failed tests alone!


I think you will find many people would like to be seen in one, try Felipe Massa, Michael Schumacher, many motoring journalists, and the list can go on and on.


How many young ppl want to be seen in a Fiat 500? (it was released as a Lady's car in the '60)


Wow, lucky you.


The OP didn't say if the voucher could be used in addition to any other offers, i.e. the scrappage scheme. You can't get a discount on these so £2K scrappage and another £500 is awesome. These now hold ther money better than the Mini so not a bad buy at all, if you like them obviously.

Panda Active Eco for £4,995  with the Government Scrappage Incentive Scheme
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Posted 24th Apr 2009Posted 24th Apr 2009
Panda Active Eco for £4,995 with the Government Scrappage Incentive Scheme£4,995
"Chancellor Alistair Darling has announced the introduction of a Car Scrappage Scheme as part of the April 2009 Budget. Motorists are being offered £1,000 towards a new car if they… Read more

What an ignorant statement. THe Fiat Panda is definitely one of the best built superminis on the road at the moment.


my point was that if there really was a squeeze they could sell all the stockpiled cars at half price or much reduced (theyre only gathering rust) as they are a depreciating asset. this would kick start the new build my peugeot is 10 in september, I've been looking on autotrader now for 4 months meaning to buy a new/1yr old car last month that is until the news of this scheme came out. Haven't seen much reduction in price in my 2 choice cars and cant see how dealers would implement £1000 RRP - existing discount - extra £1000, I dont think so..


Rubbish! Fiat Panda is actually one of the most reliable cars in its class - breakdowns per 000's across europe are the lowest in the industry. People are happy to pour scorn on a brand without actually ever having owner one or researched into whether their comments are valid


Another internet search via [url][/url] gets this car in at £5721.73 (Ex ANY trade invalue).....


according to watchdog , the mini has its fair share of problems too.

Fiat Bravo 48 Hour Test Drive
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Posted 10th Feb 2009Posted 10th Feb 2009
Fiat Bravo 48 Hour Test Drive
Fiat are offering a 48 hour test drive on the new Fiat Bravo. You cant specify time when you apply for it but you can arrane times with the dealer. All we need is a few details … Read more
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Funny, 20 hours later and I get a call that the test drive can only last ½ an hour...


Got a call yesterday, and was informed that the test drive from a local dealer is now just for 24 hours.


Hey, I entered my details and got a call from someone who told me the 48hour test drive stopped last year, they did offer a normal test drive with the local dealer, but not a 48 hour one : (;-):x


I've never heard anything either. We are actually in the market for a car, so it's their loss!


Still waiting 3 weeks after requesting. No wonder the car market is on it's knees