Fibre-Sure Sachets x30 £1.75 @ Tesco

Fibre-Sure Sachets x30 £1.75 @ Tesco

Found 13th Jan 2009
Ideal for a New Year detox!! Not sure what the original price for these is in Tesco - but they are £8.80 on the Boots site. Also, noticed that the capsules were also on offer, think half price.

Fibre-Sure Powder, 100% natural vegetable fibre, giving you and your family exactly what the gut needs!

This soluble fibre can be drunk, cooked or baked with. 1 sachet of Fibre-Sure gives you over 20% of your daily fibre needs*. It naturally cleanses the digestive system, aiding with the removal of toxins and waste, keeping you feeling healthy.
100% natural.
Can be drunk, cooked and baked with.
Helps the body to digest food.
Taste and texture free - does not alter food or drink.
Gluten free, with no artificial sweeteners, colours or flavourings.
How to use...Fibre-Sure can be easily mixed into liquids, hot and cold and can be incorporated into the cooking.

Not recommended for carbonated drinks.

For adults and children over 12 years: 1 sachet serving 1 - 3 times a day.
For Children between 1 - 12: Half of an adult sized serving, up to 3 times a day.

If you are new to using Fibre-Sure, start by taking just 1 serving per day, so your body can get used to the extra fibre.
1 sachet of Fibre-Sure = 5g of fibre.

Not recommended for children under 1 years of age.

Inulin from chicory - 100%

*Guideline Daily Amount (GDA) of fibre for adults is 24g per day based on a public recommendation.


Is this the bog standard price? :oops:

Red hot.......your ass that is after a blast of this :shock:

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what area is this in? i couldnt find it a while back...

didnt have them at all in mine! (elstree)

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Seen it in Milton Keynes and Buckingham stores - have about 10 boxes now!!! They are working well :-D
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