Fibreglass Cues (Snooker - i think - ? Pool !) - £4.38 delivered @ Newitts

Fibreglass Cues (Snooker - i think - ? Pool !) - £4.38 delivered @ Newitts

Found 14th Sep 2010
Fibreglass Cues (Snooker - i think if someone knows otherwise please let me know !) - £4.38 delivered @ Newitts

More suggestions its a pool cue !

One piece fibreglass cue with push on 13mm tip. Available in 52in and 57in.

Link -…htm


fibreglass?! it will be a pool cue, they have no class.

it definately a pool cue, if its got a 13mm tip.

never seen fibre glass ones. wonder what they are like. very lite i would imagine.

cheap price for a shush stick


saw how they make snooker cues on 'How its Made' on Discovery. Absolutely mesmerising.
This cue is ****

Fibre glass & snooker cue aren't phrases you'd expect to appear in the same sentence. Made my guts spin. Heheh!

I suppose they're ok for the whipper snappers and anyone who plays regularly would spend far far more anyway. So... As much as I hate the thought of this product existing, I have to vote on the deal and the purpose. But I'll have to wait til someone comes along to click on hot as I'm struggling... Heheh!?!

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added pool cue to the top - thanks guys
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