Fifa 07 PSP - £16.95 delivered

Fifa 07 PSP - £16.95 delivered

Found 18th Feb 2007
Thought this was quite cheap looking at prices of other retailers... - £29.99 delivered - £29.99 delivered - £19.99 delivered - £19.99

ENHANCED MANAGER MODE: Everything is real. Real
money, youth player development, press and fan reaction.
Immerse yourself completely in the world of a soccer manager.
Train players to their ultimate fitness to earn selection to the
first team. Transfer your Manager Mode career between
PlayStation2 and PSP whether at home or on the road, 24/7.
New this year create your own club.

FOOTBALL EMOTION: The crowds react to your performance.
Goals and possession result in rousing chanting as momentum
builds for your team but dips to a frustrated murmur if you're

IMPROVED GAMEPLAY: Passing and positioning have
all been enhanced. Players jostle and collide realistically
while trying to win balls. New ball physics accurately recreate
bouncing, skidding and topspin. Signature moves and playing
styles for the stars have been authentically captured.


Thanks airey... but i agree emma's deal is better

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This is £14.99 less 10% if you use BEST10 code from … This is £14.99 less 10% if you use BEST10 code from ][COLOR=blue]ChoicesUK[/COLOR].

So it is. Thanks for this, good job I havn't bought it yet :thumbsup:

That makes it £13.49 delivered excellent deal thanks!
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