Fifa 08 (PS3) £24.95 Delivered!

Fifa 08 (PS3) £24.95 Delivered!

Found 27th Jan 2008
Next cheapest is £30.99 from Powerplaydirect.

Very good price for a good PS3 game in my opinion.


- Ade2j


Nice price, was this price on Amazon months ago and then went up.

Next best price is £27.99 at Hot.

Having been a Pro Evo fan for years.... i thought i'd never see the day but i am seriously considering switching (Pro Evo is abysmal online - it's the most frustrating experience on the PS3).

Any thoughts on Fifa's online playability?

Nice price - voted hot btw!

If you are lucky then you may be able to find fifa 08 on the PS3 in the 2 for £40 offer in blockbusters!

Or if you are really lucky (like I was) then you can get Fifa 08 and assasins creed for £40, then part exchange assassins creed for £30 cash in gamestation (they are currently running an offer for 50% more cash on exchanges) so that makes it £10!!


Good price, i paid £28 for it on amazon. great game and the online play is solid. much better than PES2008 for the PS3.

Great price. Graphics and online are better than PES and it comes extremely close for gameplay. By far the best Fifa so far.

I've been in the simular situation where pro evo was the best and FIFA was for losers but this year I have been converted. FIFA 08 rules. The online is very good, still room for improvement.

dont like fifa, big pro evo fan.

but im considering getting this because i just want to play online football games...

Great price indeed.

Can't say I have heard of this company before.

Any good?

Been a huge pro evo fan for years, but got pissed off with the xbox 360 version.
Bought FIFA 08 for it (ive never liked FIFA) and cannot stop playing it. Online is as smooth as hell and the gameplay is far better than it used to be.

does anyone know if the PS3 edition updates like the 360 version?

i've read that fifa automatically updates after each transfer window via xbox live.

thanks, ordered btw.

mines arrived on saturday. many thanks. :-)
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