Fifa 09 Ps3 @ Morrisons £6 quid
Fifa 09 Ps3 @ Morrisons £6 quid

Fifa 09 Ps3 @ Morrisons £6 quid

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On my break at morrisons at picked up fifa 09 in bargin bin for 6quid with my staff discount i got it for £5.40! I have recpt if anyone wants proof, its going to be hit or miss with these kinda deals because they have different old stock in every store


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also ask at the counter because they do keep some out of the bargin bins,well they do at barnsley store. Yesterday i asked and the had two copies left of fifa 09 behind audio bar but depends if some of staff have picked them up but not a lot of staff know about them

Wow! For the sharks out there CEX buy this for £8.


Wow, Brilliant price mate:thumbsup:

There are a few threads about £6 games in Morrisons which began at the start of the month. You got lucky with 1 game in 1 branch but on the whole, this deal isn't hot anymore as most games are gone and it'll be more 'miss' than 'hit':


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I also got fallout 3 and mirrors edge but they are already up so i didnt put them up

CEX trade value is £13, worth a punt

This was posted a few weeks ago but it got spammed. I benefitted fromr it tho, got this deal at Swansea store, in a random bin by the checkouts.

are there any for xbox 360

which store?

awesome, just sold this on ebay for £12

None at my local branch!


None at my local branch!

and mine!

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barnsley store i got mine at
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