FIFA 10. Instore* £24.99 Wilkinsons

FIFA 10. Instore* £24.99 Wilkinsons

Found 30th Sep 2009
bargain. younger brother told me bout this and thought i would wanna know so i could stick it on here!

Enjoy (personally dont like football but best deal ive seen)


Cat amongst the pigeons if this is true!

Wow, they are really going for it, but why this game?

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Cat amongst the pigeons if this is true!

Lol i think thats why he sent it to me, cos he couldnt believe it haha. but if i get loads of ppz who dnt believe then ill ask him for a reciept lol. x

If that cover was genuine, I'd happily pay full price for the game,

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Im sorry!!! ignore this!!

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its fake!

lol Shrek, JarJar ??


its fake!

What is ? The deal ?

Which format is £24.99 ?

The PS2 version is £24.99 in lots of places.


so much like 09,08,07 its scary

Ok so Wayne Rooney and Ronaldinho are on the cover, but who is the third bloke in the middle???

No H, but R for posting the pic!

When did JARJAR learned to play football ????:w00t:
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