Fifa 10 on PS2 Only £9.99 @ Amazon

Fifa 10 on PS2 Only £9.99 @ Amazon

Found 17th Oct 2010
fifa 10 on ps2 for only £9.99 good deal if you like football games and have a ps2



expensive ecspecially when you can get xbox/ps3 version this price if not cheaper

Terrible price

Not a great price considering Grainger Games has been selling the PS3 version for £5.

This is not a good deal really. It's ps2 plus FIFA 10, I don't understand why men go crazy over footie games as they date so fast what with the transfers etc. I'm sure they could just release updates for games?. Cex are selling this for £4 so worth getting it from there I think if you wanna play. I didn't know they still sdold games for ps2. They don't really sell at carboots or eBay. Bit yeh u can get the games for 50p and crazy prices :).
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