Fifa 11 - Pre-Order with Zavii for £38.99 and get a £20 IWOOT voucher!!!

Fifa 11 - Pre-Order with Zavii for £38.99 and get a £20 IWOOT voucher!!!

Found 5th Sep 2010
Ok so you can get Fifa 11 for around £33 pre-ordered, though Zavvi have just announced if you order through them, you'll get emailed a £20 voucher for I want one of which is a great website for funky gadgets or gifts....

Pretty hot deal for me, so maybe others will think so too


Tempting especially with the 10% off voucher I have from zavvi ps3 game misprices

Zavvi is part of The Hut Group who have recently purchased IWOOT so not as good a deal as it sounds. Nevertheless, heat added

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True Gr1zz1y89, but in reality that makes it only less of a deal for them - For us the consumer though, the owner doesn't make a difference :-) It's hardly like they sell the same stuff!

£35.09 with the 10% voucher i got for the ps3 misprice. thats a great deal HOT

how much do you think cex will give for this on release date?

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Good question - Not sure really...

It seems a lot of people are voting this cold without commenting.. I wonder why Guess they don't like gadgets haha..

coz rooneys on cover lol

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Haha good point.... I'm a Leeds fan so I must admit, I do hate that...

I played the game at the Gamescom event in Germany a couple of weeks ago btw.. AMAZING... Absolutely incredible.. the new passing system is just so realistic.. hard to describe but a great game...

Rather get it from Tesco @ £26 like I did with several top games last year!
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