Fifa 12, 3DS @ Bestbuy £10.49

Fifa 12, 3DS @ Bestbuy £10.49

Found 8th Jan 2012
Popped into Bestbuy in Aintree before, they have almost nothing left, bit sad really but they did have loads of Fifa 12 on 3ds with 70% off bringing down to £10.49.
To be honest doubt I will play it more than a few days but should be able to have a blast than sell on ebay.

What games they had left were 60-70% off, only other things i noticed where Tintin on ps3 for £9.99 and Fear 3 on ps3 for £14? Not sure if there good deals or not but worth going in still.

I know this is very store specific and it is a very limited offer but it is still a deal right?
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I popped into the Merry Hill store the other day, I don't personally find it sad at all...almost more of a "I could see it coming"

Apart from the opening offers I never saw the car park full apart from on a Saturday, and that was only because shoppers were using the premises as a car park to walk to the main shopping complex. The prices were generally higher than PC World/Currys on the opposite side of the road, and most certainly their video games/Blu Ray/DVD prices were as high and if not higher than HMV and most certainly about a 1/3rd higher than online prices.

to be honest i thought it was expensive, but thought they would put Currys out of business!
Obviously not!!
Fifa games depreciate faster than cars... wait a year and look for one with one careful owner and you'll probably get it for 99p
whats the store like in Bristol like?
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