FIFA 12 (PS3)  & xbox 360  (Pre-owned) £26.99 @ Blockbuster

FIFA 12 (PS3) & xbox 360 (Pre-owned) £26.99 @ Blockbuster



ok for offline users i guess, but for the majority (online users) better to buy it off ebay for 32 pounds or get it cheaper elsewhere
What wils0n said. Buying pre-owned means the previous user probably used the game's code which enables online use. You'd have to buy one of those separately in order to play online
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I bought a preowned copy of FIFA 12 on ps3 with forza 4 (was 2 for £50 - flogged the forza for a decent amount!). But they gave me a valid fifa online code and the launch pack dlc codes for Forza 4. All were valid. Was it fluke? I don't know but she had a huge pile of the slips. Maybe they have some because they take them out of the rental copies of the games? Maybe worth asking! This could be totally useless information but you may consider it!
It's definitely a fluke, but not worth the risk as for £4 more u can get a brand new copy from simply games.
It's worth asking if you're at a store but agree its not that good a price that I feel like going out and buying it! She was the manager, did look like she had all the slips from rental games that should come with online passes.

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I thought Blockbuster always bundled the online codes with their pre-owned.
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