FIFA 12 Special Edition (360 & PS3) pre-order £37.97 at Gamestop.

FIFA 12 Special Edition (360 & PS3) pre-order £37.97 at Gamestop.

Found 25th Aug 2011
This is the cheapest reliable pre-order around for the Special Edition with bonus Ultimate Team packs - next cheapest is £39.85 at Zavvi/The Hut and it's around £42-43 at Amazon/Play. Although there's currently a slightly cheaper deal at The Hut where you buy with some boxer shorts, knowing that company you'll be lucky to receive your pre-order by the time FIFA 13 comes out! Shopto are the next cheapest "reliable" company for this, but Gamestop is still £2 cheaper than them.

Gamestop are getting rave reviews in the Deus Ex thread with that game arriving for most people today, the day before the official release date, despite only ordering yesterday afternoon.

So if you really want FIFA 12 SE on or before the release day and don't need new pants this is probably your best option (although personally I'll be hanging on for a cheap supermarket deal on the standard edition!).

I'm also not sure if the Special Edition will even be available in the shops, or if it's for online orders only.

P.S. Although the description states that the game "ships on 30/9/11" which is the actual release date, it also said that for Deus Ex and people have been getting theirs today, a day before the release.
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Lack of boxer shorts make this a cold one.
My first deal that's ever gone cold you cruel, cruel people

This is the cheapest pre-order around which will get you the game on or before release date, there!
Asda or Tesco will sell it cheaper on the day
Cold from me at that price, would never vote a game hot at that price because around release you will always get a better bargaint than that, appreciate it may be one of the cheaper deals right now, but until its released it doesnt really mean anything anyway.

Asda or Tesco will sell it cheaper on the day

asda and tesco wont do a deal on the special edition they will prob do a deal for the standard

but the price is still cold as it dosnt beat the hut deal
Well you do get a free bootbag with gamestop, still, too dear for me.
Yeah, I did state that the Hut deal was slightly cheaper, but made the point was that with this one you were much more likely to get it on or before the release date, which some people may prefer. I've pre-ordered with them before and been waiting for a week past the release before I received the game.

Personally I'll be getting the standard edition, probably from the supermarket, but thought this deal may be of interest to some.

can someone please expire this so that it can die with some dignity?!
john swfc

can someone please expire this so that it can die with some dignity?!

there is no dignity on the must go so cold it becomes an iceberg and sinks something many years from now!
Why would you post this.. theres an existing cheaper deal currently at over 1000 degrees!

very odd... and for the record, I have preordered from thehut several times and games have always arrived on the release day, except for LA Noire which came the day before
no designer boxers,so cold,lolol but seriously the hut del is cheaper and u get 3 pairs of shorts, ordered mine yesterday
Are reliable with day before deliveries? I ordered Fifa from there a couple of years ago and it came two or one day before I can't remember. Price is no issue, its a gift for my exams :D, I'm also buying two t-shirts from there so may be easier?
Currently the cheapest on HUKD, and no, Tesco/Asda will not be selling SE copies for less than this on the day
If you order now do you get a bootbag?
Also if you order now is it the special edition for Xbox 360 as it is in the picture for xbox on their site?
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