Fifa 13 £30 at new Grainger Game store in YORK

Fifa 13 £30 at new Grainger Game store in YORK

Found 27th Sep 2012
First post so yeah, sorry if it's been uploaded already.

As we all know, Fifa hype is at its highest right now.
Just seen on the Grainger Games facebook page that they are opening their new store in York at midnight alongside the launch for Fifa 13.
Pre-order price with Grainger Games was £30, I know this, but for people in the area, and those that missed the pre-order price, here you go.
From the website:

*While stocks last, 360/PS3 standard edition only, limited to 2 per customer, while stocks last.

Here: check for yourselves.…ing

If anyone can upload a picture then that would be great.


lucky its not flooded

hot sorry

Can you show evidence of this pre order price? I had to pay £35 from the derby branch and even then it may be higher

Been playing my Tesco pre order today, its good stuff folks


cant stand York and North Yorkshire in general

I heard you loved it up the A19


Oh god I still have nightmares about going up the A19

Haha did you end up in Teesside?!


worse, Selby...
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