Fifa 16 - Only at Game Pack £1.99 @ Game

Fifa 16 - Only at Game Pack £1.99 @ Game

Found 11th Sep 2016
No game, but you do get a rather nice football and Steelbook for £1.99.
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A year later and they still have this?
There are literally hundreds of these in the back that we can't shift. You can have them all if you want OP
My local GAME has tons of these... maybe soccer fans have some sense after all.
Dont play fifa but tempted just to add to steelbook pile
what is this?
This will get SCORCHING... once the price drops below the value of the steel.
For the ****'s sake, I missed this with a split second. It was available just a minute ago... Any chances for it to get back?

Edit: Somehow there was 1 more quantity in stock several minutes later... I hope they won't cancel the order if they had sold out and it was an error.
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I bought one of these and bundled it with my Fifa 16 on ebay last month. It ended up going for £30+ & p&p lol.
"literally hundreds we cant get rid of"..

oh wait
There still some on store stock check duno why its expired
Back in stock Ordered yesterday coming tomorrow
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