FIFA 17 500GB Xbox One S with Gears of War 4 and NOW TV 3 Month Entertainment Pass £269.99 @ GAME

FIFA 17 500GB Xbox One S with Gears of War 4 and NOW TV 3 Month Entertainment Pass £269.99 @ GAME

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Found 11th Oct 2016
There are a lot of Xbox one S bundle options currently. I am posting this one because:

- I do not believe it has been posted yet.

- It is one of the few good value bundles available from GAME, which is relevant because (largely due to their trade in price match policy with CEX) many people will have GAME credit that they would ideally like to use up as a priority prior to any cash, especially given the on off rumours about GAME's possible demise.

- Most bundles have featured some combination of fifa 17, forza horizon 3 and mafia 3. This one features the newly released gears of war 4, which many have remarked they would rather have in their bundle.

- Said copy of gears of war 4 is a PHYSICAL copy, the benefits/drawbacks of which I know better than to comment on here. Many will prefer this however, and the 'official' gears bundles feature digital download codes.

- It's worth about £5 in reward points. Not a huge deal but a fiver is a fiver.

- Irrespective of all of the above, I believe it is simply (and more importantly) good value for what you get.

I am aware of the following:

- The tesco £279.99 deal. Please see above.

- The various credit/BNPL very/littlewoods deals. Nothing wrong with that in theory with the scope to wait for your account credit, pay off the remaining balance and sell the additional items you don't want before purchasing the ones you do at a preferential price. This however, is a different choice for those who want a games console rather than a second job.

- Some people have had bad experiences with and thus do not like GAME.

- That what many would consider to be better value bundles were available at launch. Time machine etc etc.

- That some consider 500gb too small a HDD for reasons.

- Scorpio is a thing.

I hope this is helpful for somebody. I am considering it (have game credit) but have not pulled the trigger yet.
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Lmao heat for preemptive rebuttal to the haters
quidco give 1.5% back too.
don't use TCB because they never pay GAME cashback. All my recent cashback were declined.
Decent offer, Argos do the same deal (without the now tv pass, but not sure if most people care about that). I'd trust Argos over these guys to be fair.
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