Fifa 17 ps4 & dual shock 4 V2 total cost with code £59.99 @ sainsburys

Fifa 17 ps4 & dual shock 4 V2 total cost with code £59.99 @ sainsburys

Found 1st Oct 2016
First time customer code

Buy a fifa 17 on ps4 for £40.00…ps4

Buy a dual shock 4 v2 controller £37.99…092

Total =£77.99

Put both in your basket then put a voucher code for £18 off AFFVBXTTSM

Then total come up to £59.99

Works out each game and controller £29.95 each

You can collect instore or pay for delivery from £1
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Good deal imo...
The cold votes will likely be in light of this week's ridiculous FIFA 17 bundle deals but aren't warranted.

TBH, You'd probably get more heat for 2 gamepads for £57.98
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Why is this cold?
I ordered two pads with this code, keeping one an selling one, great value @£29.99 each
This is a great deal when you consider their individual prices. I can't believe people are voting this cold.
£30 for each item is a bargain

Why is this cold?

​Probably because people know by now that you can get £18 off £60 when a new customer at Sainsbury.
Someone could post 100 different deals every day for life just mix and matching things.
Hot from me!! After selling Fifa, you've effectively paid 20 quid for a new V2 DS4
I've only got 1 controller atm so this is a great deal for me! heat added and thank you
For somebody like myself that got one of Lego Star Wars bundles this is perfect; another controller and Fifa 17 for £30 each.

Thank you so much Op, this is my Son's Christmas sorted now. Lucky boy!

this isn't a deal this is a code which gives you money off ANYTHING instore.
Fifa 17 and dual shock 4 v2 controller now showing up as £44.99 each.
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