Fifa 18, PS4 and XBOXONE £35 @ Morrisons instore

Fifa 18, PS4 and XBOXONE £35 @ Morrisons instore

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Shows as not in stock or even showing on the Morrisons website, but had a few left on the shelves this dinner time

Also Cod WWII and others at £35

This was at Morrisons near Crytsal Peaks, Sheffield but I guess it is National


Which store?

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daveykinetic3 m ago

Which store?

Morrisons near Crystal Peaks, Sheffield
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This game is terrible. Ive played fifa for years and personally i think it gets worse every year. I sold it after playing it for a few days. Its really bad. Save your cash

My nearest Morrisons stopped selling games a while ago :-(

The new cod for £35 too?

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Turnip47 m ago

The new cod for £35 too?


There was about 4 or 5 on the shelf as of 1pm this afternoon

£35 For Battlefront 2 or COD WW2 too... Cha-ching. Both in stock even in Perth, Scotland.
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Was in Crawley store and only battlefront 2 at £35, all the others were sold out.

Thanks just bought the last 1 at cribbs causeway, Bristol.

Just got a copy in Heywood branch, cheers Christmas present sorted.

Just got one from ecclesfield sheffield, still had a few on the shelf as well as new COD, thankyou!

Thanks for posting this. My fella just managed to get the last one in our local store.

Teeside Park had lots of these yesterday. None on shelf - so asked, they hadn’t had time to put them out and they had loads at the customer service desk locked in a drawer near the tills - maybe worth a phone call before going.

Thanks - picked the PS4 version up in the Congleton store last night and they had a few copies in.

PS4 version also currently £35 @ Amazon and Game and even £33 @ simplygames
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Thanx got it today on Xbox one. Just need an Xbox one s to go with it now
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