FIFA 20 Xbox One - £36.99 at Monster Shop

FIFA 20 Xbox One - £36.99 at Monster Shop

£36.99£39.987%Monster-Shop Deals


Is this game still broken (I mean buys and technical issues not the broken system where its pay to win).

Anyway it's EA.

Good deal that it's cheaper than release
Bad that it's EA and it's way overpriced.
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I’ve got this, not a fan of it however this is a good price! Heat added
This will drop in price quickly just like every other Fifa has.
Good price. Voted H. But suggest waiting a week or 2 longer for black Friday. FIFA was available for less then £35 that time last year.
This game is BROKEN

6 (SIX) Patches in as many weeks since release tells it on story and it just keeps getting worse

Would not advise if you like playing online as it as laggy as hell and button delay which makes the game unplayable, and not to mention the Scripting, Momentum. Handicap and Dynamic Difficulty amongst many other issues in the game

The EA Fifa forum is full of complaints about the game
Just like fifa 19 but with street footie. Got a copy free with my one x gears edition, and traded it in for £45 (elite member at game). Wait till Xmas and it’ll plummet.
Ordered at 7am Thursday, still not here and that's 49.5 hours.
Will wait for it to drop to £24.99 like all FIFA's do just before Xmas
dan.king07/11/2019 08:26

This will drop in price quickly just like every other Fifa has.

I think your right. It'll be bundled in loads of console deals and I'd imagine it'll be sub £30 pretty soon.
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