FIFA 2010 World Cup (360/PS3) £29.99/£29.93 : TheHut [use 'FIFA5' Voucher]

FIFA 2010 World Cup (360/PS3) £29.99/£29.93 : TheHut [use 'FIFA5' Voucher]

Found 30th Apr 2010
Your Supermarket gods may have forsaken you, but the benevolent Hut still welcomes you back with open arms. Come forth children, and pick up the game for £29.99.

Bow before the omnipotent Hut. It asks nothing of you but a few pennies below £30 to play this amazing game - albeit not on the day of launch

The Hut does not offer you Rich Tea Biscuits, or Jaffa Cakes, or cheap versions of both of the afore mentioned items. It just offers you FOOTBALL (on a shiny disc that you will probably throw away in six weeks)



Nice find, heat added.

All hail The Hut... :-D

looks the the hut is being murdered with orders cuz i cant get on the site properly

This will plummet in price in the next 2 months if you can wait.

Price has gone up now.... £37.93 - £5 = £32.93


£29.99 now or £2.99 in 12 months.

Voucher code not working for me unless I am doing something wrong, should it display the updated cost in the basket?
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