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Posted 14 June 2022

FIFA 22 - Coming to EA Play (and GPU) on 23rd June @ Xbox Store

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FIFA 22 is coming to the Play List on EA Play on June 23.

Powered by football, FIFA 22 brings the game even closer to the real thing with fundamental gameplay advances and a new season of innovation across every mode. And as an EA Play member, you’ll get to experience it for yourself starting June 23 when FIFA 22 comes to The Play List. And you can enjoy all the benefits of EA Play with Xbox Game Pass. An EA Play membership is included with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at no extra cost.

EA Play makes your games more rewarding. Get more from your game including member-only challenges and in-game rewards that help you stand out from the competition. And when it’s time to find your next favorite game, we’ve got you covered with an ever-expanding library of our fan-favorite series and top titles. You can even try out select new release games for up to 10 hours of playtime with no commitment. If you decide to buy it, all your saved progress will be kept, so you can continue where you left off. Members also save on purchases of EA digital content, with a 10%-member discount.

And FIFA 22 fans can get more game every month with recurring member-only rewards like Volta Apparel and Coins, Ultimate Team Seasonal XP Boosts, and Stadium Sets.
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    Great, predatory gambling coming to gamepass
    You don't have to pay. Have a great team, not paid a dime extra. You just have to play the game and do the sbc, open the daily preview packs
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    Bought it cheap a few weeks back. Played a third of a season and uninstalled. The overwhelming negativity towards it is justified. It is terrible. Players don't track back. Fullbacks/wingbacks vacate the flank and leave vast spaces. Def mids don't cover for them. Fundamentally dreadful. Also crashed more than any game I've ever had on any console. Last FIFA I had was 18, which was pretty poor in its own right, but better than this. My own fault for buying it, even if it was only £7.
    Sounds like Man Utd
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    Has there ever been a releas more overdue?
    Charles bronson ?
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    Is this the latest it's been added?
    Probably, my assumption is PlayStation paid for some kinda exclusivity as it was a PS+ game in May which is when they usually add it to EA Play
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    About damned time. I guess Sony delayed it with the ps plus deal :/
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    Rip FIFA 🙏
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    Woohoo this is the best news of my life!!!
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    About time…!
    ….there’s me complaining about a ‘free’ game
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    Great, I've been eaking out my 10 hour trial forever
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    Is this base version or series S /X one too.....
    Judging by FIFA 21, I'd guess both versions, but not sure
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    Finally. About a month later than usual
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    Nice. Will give it a butchers!
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    It’s there ours is downloading
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    A month late
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    More of an announcement than a deal this
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    The Xbox game pass addition that matters!
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    It wil be 99p in game/cex.
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    I'm still annoyed about having paid for a digital copy of PES 2020 and Konami automatically downgrading it to the trial version. Konami seem more of a sh*t show than EA. So I've been playing FIFA 22 a lot recently. It looks very pretty on the Series X, but the AI is still not a patch on PES. Still a fun way to pass 15 minutes though.
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    Worst Fifa in my memory, awful game play
    Tell me about it... cost me a fortune in fifa points! Ban that crap!
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    Should be free to play every year. They make a killing off FIFA points and every mode that isn't FUT is completely ignored and redundant.
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    same on ps4 / 5
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    If you have Xbox Game Pass for PC you'll be able to play this as part of that without Game Pass Ultimate as EA Play is included.
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    Dead game in terms of Ultimate Team by the time it rolls around as all the SBCs etc have already ended.
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    Hmmm so I go into game pass today and still no fifa? Is there a time it goes live I'm not aware of?
    Yeah still no sign I just checked
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    to be honest here, I’ve bought every fifa (I am rather old) and I think this may be my last, the gameplay this year has been really hit and miss, sometimes different matches feel like you are playing different games meaning it’s hard to consistently enjoy it - really frustrating as its been my go to for years

    then again maybe I’m just getting old and can’t hack it any more!!!
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    Quick question, I’ve done a load of transfers and save the squads but when the boy goes to play match it defaults to old squad, what am I doing wrong?
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    Found out have to click Y on team select screen