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Posted 25 November 2022

FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S (UK) £39.99 @ CDKeys

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Cheapest I've seen for the Xbox Series X/S UK ultimate team version. Digital download including 4600 FIFA points to pack world beaters Gareth Bale, Aaron Ramsey and Harry Wilson.

UPDATE: Possible £1.50 Quidco which has tracked for me. Bringing total cost to £38.49
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    Only £4 more than the normal edition and its series x no brainer really!!
    I get that people vote negatively on it. It's just the fact it's only £4 more than the standard edition and would have cost nearer the £90 mark at release a couple of months ago.
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    Just purchased and it's downloading as we speak but doesn't seem to be downloading ultimate edition?!?

    Q. Can you buy it now... but park the download until Dec 25th?
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    Tempting. But the way fifa games drop in price the year after. I can’t justify paying £40. It will be £10/£20 once EA Sports FC is announced. 4600 points is a great offer though.
    It's hard to tell as the UK next gen versions have stayed quite high in price so far.
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    Always skip a year with these usually, coming from FIFA 21, this is a really nice update and love all the recent additions, been really enjoying it!
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    £35.99 now, just bought it. Thanks 🏼
    Just did the same :P
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    Thanks I've been waiting for a sub-£40 offer, doubt it'll get much cheaper than this before xmas.
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    Great price for the ULTIMATE edition ⚽
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    I grabbed it from directly from the xbox store, only 50p more but I was able to use my reward points 😁
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    Woww paid like £75 or something for my lad on release day. Should have known it would plummet
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    This has dropped way quicker than last year's. EA must be seeing numbers drop.

    It'll drop even more by Xmas. I'm holding out.
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    In the information it says 4600 points, do u get them aswell?
    That's what it says. Makes it the ultimate edition as far as my limited knowledge goes.
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    Damn, bought this on Tuesday for £45.99 which I thought was good.
    Where are the 4600 points please?
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    I'm after this on ps5. Only reason is so I can get the ps5 version and also play my brother on his ps4. Bit annoyed you can't cross play between the consoles other than buying 2 versions or buying ultimate version.

    I'd bite at this price on PS.
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    same as FIFA 22
    No its not, clearly you haven’t played this.
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    Thanks OP, just ordered for £35.99 for my son for Christmas
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    Just ordered for £35.99 Thanks