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FIFA 23 Xbox one digital US code - £9.14 with code (VPN required) @ Gamivo / gamesmar

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Seen this was pretty cheap on gamivo. Seller is gamesmar. Use code GOCDKEYS for price £9.14 at checkout, remove smart price thing if you don't want or have it already.

Could also use gameradar8 code if you haven't used it already.

Personally don't like FIFA games but it's cheap and might help someone.

Any codes that aren't EU/UK I normally use Windscribe VPN for the country that the code is "locked" to then redeem normally using xbox.com/redeemcode on my account.

Gamivo More details at Gamivo

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    So use VPN once to redeem and that's it as per other regions? Good price so wanted to get for a friend
    Yes that's it, just put the VPN on before redeeming code at xbox.com/red…ode

    Same as all the other Argentina/Brazil/Turkey VPN deals. Will show up on your UK account
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    I would put in the title it's Xbox one version not cross gen version. Heat given regardless
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    need more of these gamivo/cd keys foreign games goodness

    Works out about £4.42 if your into the resident evil games
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    £8.83 for me, my son will be delighted heat added
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    Almost bought this thinking it would upgrade to Series X , it does not (not even an option to pay £5-10 to upgrade). Greedy EA as per
    Can't really call them greedy when you're trying to get it cheap from another country lol
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    Thankyou :-)
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    Great 1st post 😁 I got it on BF otherwise I'd have been on it
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    Brilliant thank you £8.41. I can justify paying that as will only get light use
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    Thank you for posting and congratulations on your first hotukdeals thread
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    what country vpn do i need please?
    United States
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    Is this for the series s?
    Xbox one version only
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    This just xbox one version and not series ? Thanks
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    Will this actually work on the
    Series s though?
    It will work but it will play like a One S game not a Series S game
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    Shame it's not the X/S version. Does this version still run on the older engine?
    Honestly not sure, hopefully someone else can confirm it for you.
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    Question from an old duffer. I have xbox gold ultimate thingy subscription for windows...using the Turkish VPN trick from here! Will this code work in that in terms of adding the game to my sub? Thanks
    This will add the game to your Xbox account to keep(regardless of having game pass etc), same method as using Turkish vpn, only using US one here.
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    has the price gone back up?
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    gone now ?
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    Looks like it's gone
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    *Update for anyone with the same issue: New York worked.

    Anyone advise on particular regions? I'm using VPN.lat on Android, tried Chicago and some other region of US and I'm getting 'This can't be redeemed as it's for another region' message? :/ (edited)
    Never heard of that VPN. Issue probably with them. Have you put the VPN on to a US server then verified it changed your location with something like ipleak.net ? If it does change it to the US then try logging out of your account then back in again to see if that helps, sometimes it does.
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