Fifa Street 2 for GC - £4.48 delivered

Fifa Street 2 for GC - £4.48 delivered

Found 26th Jul 2006
As the title says, all for £4.48 delivered.

Seems like a pre-order, so we may well not get it, but worth a try.


Just bought 2 for £7.87!
Bargain seeing as they are £29.99 still on
Nice one Johnny!

And also went through quidco to get 3% back!


Great find Johnnypanic :thumbsup:

Thanks from me too Johnny

Added a image 4 U.

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Just received email from Woolworths cancelling order, stating they are unable to get supplies

Just waiting for Tesco's and TheHut to do the same.


My Order was cancelled on Saturday 29th but Tesco didn't even send me an E-Mail about it, damn cheek!!
I had to go in to My Account and check it myself this morning, that's pretty useless of them.


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Same here, Tesco order cancelled, but no email.

Still holding out hope for thehut, but it's not looking good


My order has been cancelled too!! Surely retailers should honour their mis-prints?
Nethertheless I have sent them a stinking email of complaint so I will let you know how I get on!! hahah


What a pity ... i cant believe that Tesco didnt even have the courtesy to send a cancellation email!

Nope, not a sausage. Probably wont even get a reply to my mail either!

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Have now received an email from TheHut to state the order is cancelled

Strangely enough, also recevied an email from Asda (who I presume own thehut), stating that the item is not available until later in the year and will be sent then.

Ah well, worth a try. At least they had the decency to email and cancel, unlike Tescos!
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