FIFA Superstars by EA on Facebook
FIFA Superstars  by EA on Facebook

FIFA Superstars by EA on Facebook

Electronic Arts Goes Live with New Facebook Soccer Title FIFA Superstars

For those that follow mainstream gaming to any degree, it goes without saying that EA Sports reigns supreme when it comes to most sports titles. Having licenses with leagues like the NFL and FIFA, thats hardly unexpected, but now the gaming giant is bringing one of those licenses to Facebook. The brand new app is EA Sports FIFA Superstars, and while its not the first sports title weve seen on the social network, it is one of the better ones.

Essentially, Superstars is a team management sort of game similar in respect to Hive7s Kick Off. Players start out learning the ropes from a non-player character coach, with the goal being to reach the top rankings in the league. In order to reach that pinnacle, however, users must manage their roster, training, stadium and formations.

As this is an Electronic Arts title, the roster itself is worth mentioning as all of the players are actual players from around the world. Each one has a certain level of talent and a number of skills associated with a number, just like in the console versions of EAs titles. This includes pace, stamina, control, and depending on whether or not they are a goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, or striker.

Have fun!

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