FIFA Ultimate Team Free Mega Packs
FIFA Ultimate Team Free Mega Packs

FIFA Ultimate Team Free Mega Packs

Not sure if it's available for everyone but I found 2 mega packs in the Fifa 15 Companion iPhone app. Hope someone else is lucky enough to find them too! Merry Christmas!

This is the version for Android

- darthvader666uk



Nice one thank you, can confirm for Android also, I got a silver pack too.

Got SIF David Silva and can't sell him, absolutely gutted

Spotted this earlier.

Got Aguero & Van Persie <3.

Untradeable though, but that's fine

I got 2 packs and then an extra one...good find OP

nice one

Thanks, got Mata and Fabregas. Never usually get good players.

I packed Neuer (90)!

Got Benzema. Cheers

Thanks got Hazard

thanks got Vincente del Bosque

Got Abou Diaby...I hate EA


thanks bud, got James Rodriguez

Seriously everyone? You jammy gets. I got Drogba who's worth about 750 coins and Muller who's worth 5k and thats waaay above anything I usually get

got toure brothers thanks

Got Messi. Thanks.

Got inform Greismann (spell). result.


I'm new to this.
How do I claim these?


i got suarez and larson

and then on ps4 i got remy and hazzard

Android app keeps telling me there's a server error.. Can't tell u how sick of seeing that this Xmas!

Great find! I got a Silver pack for opening the app.

where can I find this please? - I dont have an Iphone, but do have Ipod?

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Not showing on iPhone app?

Thanks OP.


it was across every platfourm me being me have every console i had the best luck ever

I got nothing.


Got Bruce Grobelaar... Legend!

This has now expired!!!!
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