Fifi Forget-Me-Not Cottage half price @ Argos £9.99

Fifi Forget-Me-Not Cottage half price @ Argos £9.99

Found 16th Dec 2009Made hot 16th Dec 2009
Was £19.99 reduced to £9.99, plus receive £1 quidco cashback.
Have fun with Fifi and her best friend Bumble at Forget-Me-Not cottage!
Comes with 2 characters, dancing flowers, hidden flowerpot ring and many more exciting play features!
For ages 3 years and over.


Thanks, just reserved the last two in my store :thumbsup:

great deal, my daughter will love this - ordered 1 thanks! voted hot!!!

Fab price, this used to be £35!! Argos wont load for me though grrr.

Yay managed to reserve one, thanks op.

Great price, reserved One.

Must stop spending on Chrimbo now, I keep adding to the pile.

my little one has this - at a tenner it's an absolute steal, if you can get one, do so.

have reserved one at our local store good post heat added

Heat added Thanks, Our little girl will love this, bargain price

Cheers, just reserved one to pick up on my way home.

go thru quidco and get £1 cashback!!

Great find, H&R added:thumbsup:

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go thru quidco and get £1 cashback!!

Thanks forgot to mention this in post:thumbsup:

Thanks, got the last one in my local store/

thank you, just reserved one to pick up tomorrow xxx

Thanks OP was looking for something for friends wee girl who is 3. After reading the reviews looks perfect. ;-)

Getting this for a little girl thats 2 in March. Do you think she is too young for it? She loves Fifi. It should be ok with supervised use?

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check out customer reviews, found this one that does refer to 2yr old
"Fantastic item - realistic charachters, great little extras and well loved. Only down side is I did buy for my 2 year old and did have to keep aside a few pieces for when she is older, not through choking hazard but through the fact that they are that tiny I may never find them again in our house!! Def recommend"

Picked up my two, it's bigger than I thought, it's well worth a tenner :thumbsup:

Thanks OP

shell820810 - One of mine is for a 2yo, it looks fine

Excellent thank you, although i did say i wasnt spending any more on the kids for xmas!! lol

Brilliant find, thanks was looking for something like this for my daughter, she will be absolutley thrilled with this cheers,

Thanks my daughters gonna buy it with some xmas money she has :o) should keep her busy until the big man arrives!

Good price. Lots of little bits to lose though !

Reserved Thanks

What a steal, fab find, thank you x

That's a great deal.

reserved one for dd even though she wasnt having any more! thanks

Great find, thanks h&r added - just ordered

anyone know where to buy the extra charachters for this?
I have one resereved for my daughter and it only has two charachters - would like to get more?

cheers op great find.....

they used to do the characters in a tube when we had a woolworths. Lots on e-bay I noticed.

Great my daughter is a little young for it at the mo but I have reserved one to put by for her birthday such a fantastic price!

Reserved ! Cheers OP ! :thumbsup:

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