Fifty Years of Coronation Street [Hardcover] - Was: £20 Now: £7.00 Free Delivery @ Amazon UK

Fifty Years of Coronation Street [Hardcover] - Was: £20 Now: £7.00 Free Delivery @ Amazon UK

Found 7th Jan 2011
A nice book at a nice price...

Coronation Street first hit British screens at the end of 1960, a groundbreaking show based on real life and using accents that had never been heard on British television before. It was an instant hit, and has remained consistently one of the UK's most popular shows ever since.

The joy of Coronation Street is in the quality and humour of its writing, and the wonderful characters that have been created over the years. For the first time, here is a book that not only reminds readers of all the storylines over the last fifty years, but also celebrates these two very special things. The book includes profiles of fifty Coronation Street icons - from Ena Sharples to David Platt - and the author has had unprecedented access in order to include interviews with all of those still with us. There are also hilarious extracts from the script and classic lines remembered.

FIFTY YEARS OF CORONATION STREET is the only official book celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of Coronation Street. It is the definitive book on five decades of life on the Street and no fan of the show would want to be without it.


And is so far removed from real life these days that it may as well be a cartoon (Saves the cost of actors)

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Relive the good times with this book :o)

Some of the plots are ridiculous but overall it is good entertainment.

not my thing but its a good price and could be useful for some so heat added.

Wait a few weeks and this will be on the shelves in Poundland

good deal for the middle ages housewives out there!

yes in poundland very soon !

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I can't understand this place sometimes!

We should be voting on a deal now not if it will be in poundland soon! This has been the cheapest it has been so why does this deal get voted cold while the same item a week or so back at a more expensive price gets heat?

Fair enough if it does not interest you but it seems some people vote for the wrong reasons!

we are telling people to save money and go poundland in a couple of months this will be there!

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Everything has the potential of going to Pondland therefore working on this theory should I be voting cold on deals?

That newly released CD at a super price NOW - vote cold as it could be £1...

Why bother buying Easter eggs and Christmas presents for the day... They may be reduced or even appear in Pondland next year!

Sorry I think you are missing the point but I respect your views if you genuinely feel this is cold.

Kind regard.
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