Fight Club  -  Single Disc Edition  -  £2.99  Delivered

Fight Club - Single Disc Edition - £2.99 Delivered

Found 22nd Jun 2007Made hot 22nd Jun 2007
Great price for this excellent movie.

Note that this is just the single disc edition with only the movie and no extras but still great value if you just want to see the film.

Jack (Edward Norton) is a chronic insomniac desperate to escape his excruciatingly boring life. That's when he meets Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt), a charismatic soap salesman with a twisted philosophy. Tyler believes self-improvement is for the weak - it's self-destruction that really makes life worth living. Before long Jack and Tyler are beating each other to a pulp in a bar parking lot, a cathartic slugfest that delivers joys of physical violence, Jack and Tyler form a secret Fight Club that becomes wildly successful. But there's a shocking surprise waiting for Jack that will change everything. Pitt and Norton deliver knockout performances in this stunningly original, darkly comic film from David Fincher.



you know the first rule about Fight Club....

Great film, ordered and heat given

Heat Added For Fight Club!............oops I Broke The First Rule!!!

top film best watched with lights off and i find it works good loud as the narrative sinks in deeper

Top blokes' film.

If you're stuck in an office somewhere all week, you'll love it.

What a quality film.
I bought it from choices in the 3 for £10 deal last week.

amazing film voted hot :thumbsup:

Tomorrow will be the most beautiful day of Raymond K Hessel's life, his breakfast will taste better than any meal you or I have ever tasted

pingusan know the first rule about Fight Club....

Someone had to say it :giggle:

Voted hot :thumbsup:

been wanting to see this again for a while, ordered and heat added, thanks OP
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