Fight Club /The Usual Suspects / Memento (3 DVD) - £5.21 delivered @ The Hut! (code valid from midday)

Fight Club /The Usual Suspects / Memento (3 DVD) - £5.21 delivered @ The Hut! (code valid from midday)

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Fight Club:
Brad Pitt (Seven, Ocean's Eleven) and Edward Norton (American History X, Primal Fear) deliver knockout performances in this stunningly original, darkly comic film from David Fincher, the director of Seven. Norton stars as Jack, a chronic insomniac desperate to escape his excruciatingly boring life. That's when he meets Tyler Duden (Pitt), a charismatic soap salesmen with a twisted philosophy. Tyler believes self-improvement is for the weak - its self-destruction that really makes life worth living. Before long, Jack and Tyler are beating each other to a pulp in a bar parking lot, a cathartic slugfest that delivers the ultimate high. To introduce other men to the simple joys of physical violence, Jack and Tyler form a secret Fight Club that becomes wildly successful. But theirs a shocking surprise waiting for Jack that will change everything.

The Usual Suspects:
Held in an L.A. interrogation room, Verbal Kint (Spacey) attempts to convince the feds that a mythic crime lord not only exists, but was also responsible for drawing him and his four partners into a multi-million dollar heist that ended with an explosion in San Pedro harbour - leaving few survivors. As Kint lures his interrogators into the story of this crime lord's almost supernatural prowess, you too will be mesmerised by a lore that is completely captivating from beginning to end.

From director Christopher Nolan, a unique and intriguing thriller that begins with the ultimate act of revenge and back tracks through time to reveal the shocking and provocative reasons behind it. Leonard Shelby (Guy Pearce) remembers everything up to the night his wife was brutally raped and murdered. But since that tragedy, he has suffered from short-term memory loss and cannot recall any event, the places he has visited or anyone he has met just minutes before.
Determined to find out why his wife was killed, the only way he can store evidence is on scraps of paper, by taking polaroids and tattooing vital clues on his body.


Hot for the three films.
Already got fight club and usual suspects though.

hot hot hot . three classic must watch movies !!!!

three great films, three great twist endings, one great price...must be hot

WOW, what a set!! love those films, got them all though on special editions. Blurays next on list anyway...

good spot , 3 great films

Voted cold as it is £5.79 after discount (10%) not £5.21

Your discount has been applied: -£0.64
Total Delivery Cost: £0.00
Total: £5.79

I highly rate all of those films but I already own all of them.

Definitely worth just over a fiver including P&P, I think I spent about £20 quid on them a few years back.

Anyone who doesn't have or have seen these 3 should buy them in an instant at this price.
On IMDB all 3 are voted on the Top 30 of the best movies ever. These are really all movies you want to watch a 2nd time straight after first viewing which is quite rare - for me anyway.

"Norton stars as Jack,"
Lies. The narrator is nameless throughout. As was intended in the book.

probably the 3 best thrillers from the last 20 years
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