Fight Night Round 3 Playstation 3 £15.99 Delivered

Fight Night Round 3 Playstation 3 £15.99 Delivered

Found 21st Jan 2008
Fight Night Round 3

Playstation 3 Game £15.99 Delivered

The undisputed champion of boxing video games steps into a new arena to deliver EA SPORTS Fight Night Round 3 for the PlayStation 3. Feel what it's like to trade blows with great champions like Muhammad Ali and Oscar De La Hoya with film-quality graphics that showcase the most devastating punches ever seen in any game or movie. The exclusive Get in the Ring game mode lets you experience the furious action through the eyes of your boxer for the first time and take on all challengers in split-screen multiplayer battles. See, feel, and hear the sights and sounds in the ring like never before with EA SPORTS Fight Night Round 3.


Why cold?

yeah i agree ? voted hot

Might get it to replace my 360 version so I dont have to listen to that damn loud fan anymore! Anyone reckon this is better than the 360 version or vice versa?

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As this has online play, does anybody know if playing a US title in the UK (on a UK PS3) will connect to a US server or a UK one?

If not connecting to a UK server, the online experience may be hindered by a slow connection.



ps3 version has extra stuff that the 360 does not have, voted hot.

Get in the Ring—Rely on your instincts in this PLAYSTATION®3-exclusive game mode that allows you to fight through the eyes of your boxer from the moment he enters the ring.

they also have godfather and oblivion for £15.99 each!!!!cant believe itjust ordered them both for £31.98!!!
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