Fight Night Round 4 XBOX360 £15 @ Marshall Ward
Fight Night Round 4 XBOX360 £15 @ Marshall Ward

Fight Night Round 4 XBOX360 £15 @ Marshall Ward

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* After almost a decade users will finally be able to fight as 'Iron Mike' or fight against him as one of many other all time greats.

* Featuring all new physics-based gameplay that brings the most authentic interpretation of the incredible speed, accuracy, timing and power from inside the ring.

* Create dozens of match-ups, including Tyson vs Ali, with unprecedented realism.

* Legacy Mode - Find your style and learn the basics as an amateur, then move into the spotlight to leave your legacy as a pro. The Legacy Meter will determine where you stand amongst the greats. Pump up your popularity, improve your stats, and boast an impressive record as you move from 'bum' t 'greatest of all time'.

* Online World Championships - Think you're the best? Well now you can prove it. Create a boxer and bring him up through the ranks of all the other fighters worldwide. With one belt holder worldwide (per weight class), will you be defending a title or always trying to reach for one.

* R.E.A.L. AI - Switch up your combinations and make unexpected moves to confuse your opponent. With adaptive AI, you will be forced to think on your feet as your opponent adjusts to your strengths and exploit your weaknesses.

* Ring Side Life - Feel the hype and excitement of the biggest title fights with the action that surrounds the ring. Flashing camera bulbs, cheering crowds, judges, and real ESPN announcers heighten the realism and intensity of your bout.

* Partial Shots and Glancing Blows - Go beyond a simple game of hit and miss. Advanced physics allow boxers to land glancing blows and partial impact punches to deliver varying degrees of damage, increase your accuracy and send your opponent to the canvas.

* In-Fighting - Move in tight and deliver blows to the face and body to neutralize the reach of an outside fighter. For the first time ever, boxers can land inside punches and push off to create space to score a straight combo.

* Blood, Sweat, and Damage - Feel the sweat spray and taste the blood with the advanced visuals that bring unprecedented realism to the ring. Watch your opponent's face swell with damage and ripple when you land that knock-out punch.

* Slip, Step, and Block Defence System - Fight Night Round 4 boasts a refined defence system. Improving on the blocking system of Fight Night Round 3, boxers will be forced to interchange blocks with side steps and slips to maximize their effectiveness. Continuously cover up and your opponent's punches will eventually break through.

* For ages 16


Hot! but i want it on the ps3!!

nice 1 - my son wants this - ordered

Really good deal, would prefer it to be on PS3 though.

XX728 doesn't work for me
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