Fighting ex layer beta demo @ PSN

Fighting ex layer beta demo @ PSN

Found 13th Dec 2017
Just saw this on playstation store! For those who remember Street Fighter Ex they will love this game! Six characters to try! Beta ends Xmas day
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Awesome. Thanks
Damn didn't know this was up. Thanks

Just like everyone else, Im up for some Skullomania!!!!!!
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Absolutely loved this game back in PSONE / PS2 days. - Hours of fun with my brother. Been looking forward to this. Thanks for the reminder!

Happy to help
Oh I love the Street Fighter EX games. Going to download the demo later on thanks OP
Cheers OP wasn’t sure when this was gonna pop up on PSN, SUPER PUMPED for this game. Gonna give as much feedback as I can to the dev team. Hoping the full game becomes the EX4 that I’ve been waiting so many years for
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