Fighting Grandads (pair) - £6.90 delivered !

Fighting Grandads (pair) - £6.90 delivered !

Found 10th Jan 2007
Fighting Grandads (pair) - £6.90 delivered from

Use one of the attached £5 vouchers to get this price.

Description : Sold in pairs, each Fighting Grandad comes equipped with a comedy shopping trolley and regulation walking stick. Simply place the clockwork whingers face to face, wind 'em up and watch as they battle it out with flailing walking sticks. Last man standing wins.


Are these not the similar gadgets that had before christmas for 6.99 free delivery? (which i bought and turned out to be pretty pants!):?

Similar to the racing grannies I expect Thanks for the pointer edi ;-)

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Thanks jelli & Ray

Few more images :-


These are fab, thanks edi! :thumbsup: Get the grannies too and you could have grannies vs grandads ... :giggle:

Hey this looks like the granpa that whacked me round the head with his walking stick, whilst I was getting on a bus afterschool, a few years back!

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