Fighting Stick EX2 for 360 - £9.99 in-store @ Gamestation

Fighting Stick EX2 for 360 - £9.99 in-store @ Gamestation

Found 9th Aug 2008
A good one for those who've just picked up Soul Calibur 4 and found the D-pad doesn't cut it. GameStation seem to be knocking these cheap instore only. Marked up as £19.99 but scan as £9.99, cheapest I've ever seen these before is £35.…UW4

^ Link to the one in question, as it isn't available on the GameStation online site. The VF5 stickers come separate, so you can just keep the stick plain if you prefer.



I'll be trying my local Gamestation for one.

I assume you're talking about these

aw I got mine for £20! was still a great price.

That's awesome though. HEAT.

Added "£9.99 in-store @ Gamestation" to the title which we usually try to show.

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yep is one of those in the pic, using it now to get my backside kicked in SC4
Comes with a usb lead so imagine you can use it on the pc too?

Yeah, it works on the PC

Best MAME controller ever. Well... apart from the PS3 one I also have

Will be trying for one tommorow at my local Gamestation. Hope they have one in stock!


Better picture of the stick:

None in my local Gamestation :x

REALLY wanted one of these too.:cry:

Thanks fluffy-k, managed to get one at my local Gamestation and it was even marked up as £9.99. Just make sure to call your local shop before heading down.

Virtua Fighter 5 is exponentially better with the Fighting Stick, as is Soul Calibur IV.

Just a tip but this stick also works in Windows. All of the information on how to do this can be found at the following link:…775



Tried calling a few Gamestations, but none in stock
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