FiiO E5 Portable Headphone Amplifier $21.50 (about £14.38) at Deal Extreme with free delivery

FiiO E5 Portable Headphone Amplifier $21.50 (about £14.38) at Deal Extreme with free delivery

Found 12th Dec 2008
This will probably go very cold, as it's too specialised a gizmo, but hopefully the right people will see it, if they are unaware. Normally I wouldn't post anything from Deal Extreme, but this is a bit different, and probably a bit special, so I decided to give it a go. I have already preordered mine. It's below the threshold for customs to bother with, which is always a big plus.

Taken from FiiO's website:

E5-portable headphone amplifier
Worlds smallest metal case headphone amplifier
E5 is a Portable Headphone Amplifier designed to improve the sound quality and volume of any Digital Audio Player such as a MP3 or MP4 Player, Mobile Phone, Laptop, or Notebook. It is an upgraded model of E3 Headphone Amplifier which is very popular around the world. It retains all the advantages of the E3, and yet still has very small slim case! Now with a volume control so you can connect directly to the line out of a Digital Audio Player and control the volume directly!
But it is more than just an upgraded version of the E3! It has a higher power output, better Signal to Noise ratio and Lower Distortion! And with the new TIs headphone amp solution, E5 have better sound qualilty and can work better with high impedance headphone. With a sound effect switch which will remove any Bass Boost., E5 will be a good pair with more different headphone.

●Designed for high impedance and low sensitivity headphones,
●Easy to carry and use in the outdoors
●Increases your music player's play time
●New amplifier IC, with higher S/N and lower distortion!
●Very high PSRR, and with metal case. Reduces the noise caused by GSM mobile phones! So you can now connect to a GSM music mobile phone!
●Individual power switch;
●Electronic volume control, ( means very low distortion and avoids the adjustment noise caused by a potentiometer);
●Two sound effects: Flat and bass boost mode;
●Built-in Rechargeable battery, gives about 20 hours playtime at normal volume;
●Mini USB charger port!
●With a built-in metal clip, you can clip the E5 onto anything !

Output Power: 150 mW (16 ohms Loaded)
12 mW (300 ohms Loaded)
Signal to Noise Ratio: >= 95 dB (A Weight)
Distortion: Frequency Response: 10 Hz - 100 kHz
Suitable Headphone Impedance: 16 ohms - 300 ohms
Weight: 30g
Power Supply: build-in 200mAh rechargerable battery
Dimensions: 44.2mm x 38 mm x 12.6 mm

Sound solution:
Pre-amp: OPA2338UA From TI (Texas Instruments)
Power-amp: TPA6130A From TI (Texas Instruments)

Main Accessory
15cm 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio line *1
80cm 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio line *1

60cm USB-A to mini USB charge line *1


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If you want any info on the E5, the manufacturers website is ]here.

There's a lot of reading to be had on the 71 page thread on the E5 at Head-Fi forums ]here.

Hot from me! I have a Boostaroo that I had to dig out to use with my Tytn II which has a pathetic full volume and have been after something more compact. This looks nice!

Thanks for the heads up! Rich

wow, never knew these things existed!

thats a good gadget to use on an ipod if its got the EU volume cap on

and its quite small



wow, never knew these things existed!thats a good gadget to use on an … wow, never knew these things existed!thats a good gadget to use on an ipod if its got the EU volume cap onand its quite smallyus

Oh! And the EU volume cap is new to me! So should I get my next iPod from the US if I want to go louder!!

the new ipods / iphones purchased in the UK do not have the volume limitation, if you happen to be unfortunate enough to get one from the continent just jailbreak it and the latest version automatically removes the limitation

or SHH in and remove


Job done

Pokey you called this plastic tat just 2 weeks ago…t=3
and voted it cold. So why post it yourself now???

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Haha, so I was. I must have been drunk, judging from my temperament. Half my posts here are when I'm ******, and I enjioy being an **** at those times just to irritate people. I did check first, search never came up with anything.

I don't agree with any of my drunken rantings.

Wow, I'm a real **** when I'm drunk.

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How embarrassing. I think I have a problem and should get some help. Thing is I own an E3 amp, and bought one for a friend as well. Can't believe I dismissed that post. I've been waiting for the E5 for ages. May the mods do with me as they see fit.
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