File Shredder for PC @ File Shredder

File Shredder for PC @ File Shredder

Found 5th Mar 2012
Hi All, recently traded my 7 year old desktop for HP laptop deal on HUKD.
Even though HP said they will give us blancco file shredding certificate, i was not convinced to send my 7 year PC even after deleting and formatting.
So i used this file shredder for a peace of mind.
I hope it helps someone ...

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Thanks for sharing, never even knew one existed.
Great might come in handy
Just saying no program can fully delete any file.

There are ways to get files back with specialize software which you can find online.

Only way to destroy data on a hard drive is to break the hard drive with magnets and smash it
Use CCleaner as it can do this and more...also free
CCleaner is a way better option, just use it under the Secure file deletion settings and Bob's your uncle.
DBAN is by far the best option runs in ram so EVERYTHING gets wiped
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