Film Noir DVD £2.49 delivered @ Base

Film Noir DVD £2.49 delivered @ Base

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Found 28th Oct 2010
Night time, LA. Our hero opens his eyes, regaining consciousness. Above him, the Hollywood sign and an empty hill. Parked nearby, there's a car and a dead cop. And next to the cop, a gun. Judging by the way it fits the holster he's wearing, it looks like our man's the killer. And he can't remember a damned thing - how he got there; what happened; who he is. Sirens scream through the night - time to run. Our hero gets into the dead cop's car and splits. In the car, his cell phone rings A voice tells him the job's done and the money will be wired into his account…

Our man enters a hellish world of lethal deception and limitless depravity, desperate to regain his identity at the heart of a black, white and blood-red nightmare where the only thing filthier than the lies is the sex, and the only sure thing is that nothing is what it seems.

Special Features
History of film noir, Audio sessions, Trailer, Interview with director D. Jud Jones

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Good but weird, was bought this for my birthday, or would have bought it at this price.
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