Film preview- Dough- London only- 24th Jun - 13:45

Film preview- Dough- London only- 24th Jun - 13:45

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24/06/14 13:45 National Film Theatre (NFT), Available


An old Jewish baker struggles to keep his business afloat until his young Muslim apprentice accidentally drops cannabis in the dough and sends sales sky high.

Directed by John Goldschmidt, starring Jonathan Pryce as Nat, a widowed old Jewish baker, Jerome Holder as Ayyash, his new young African Muslim apprentice, Phil Davis as the nasty businessman determined to get Nat's bakery shut down, Ian Hart as the local tough, a cannabis dealer, and Pauline Collins as Nat's landlady, who's sweet on him. It's a warm-hearted story about overcoming prejudice, finding redemption in unexpected places and has some nice comedy moments with gentle bits of Jewish humour. There's also a fun angle in that Ayyash, who does a bit of dealing on the side, to try and get himself and his refugee mother a decent roof over their heads, accidentally drops his stash into the dough one day – and the chollah go down a treat.


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