FINAL CLEARANCE on shoes @ Office.co.uk
FINAL CLEARANCE on shoes @ Office.co.uk

FINAL CLEARANCE on shoes @ Office.co.uk

A heads-up on the clearance sale - shoes are going for a fiver!


oh yeah, need more shoes!!!

oooh, shoes from fiver, gonna go and have a proper look now and also let my sis know as she loves her shoes. thnx

only OK if you are looking for a pair of "plimsoles" but called a fancy name or wierd wellies in size 3 !!!

don't forget 10% quidco!

So anyway just picked up some wierd wellies in size 3...... result !

wont let me open link BOO HOO :0(


wont let me open link BOO HOO :0(

Try this link:


Website seems to be a little slow, so I think you just gotta be patient with it.

Deadly slow site, gave up..

Yeah it is very slow, but I have finally managed to add what I want to basket.
Only thing is delivery is £3.50, booo Oh well.

Ive looked to see if there are any codes floating around, but seems they have all expired.

ETA: Ordered these for the winter office.co.uk/wom…7/1
My sister bought them in brown late last year and paid 59.99... the suede on them feels lovely. I just paid £25 for them.They really nice actually, like a smarter and more sturdy version of the Ugg boot... got much better soles on them and ankle support. I think I might have bagged the last pair though as they arent showing up now.

me and the missus just spent some cash...unsurprisingly she spent a lot more....i really shouldn't tell her about these deals :P

My shoes have still not been dispatched..boo
I'm so impatient

Dear Customer

We apologize for the delay you have experienced. We have been trying to process your order but due to a system error your order has been delayed. The system is being looked in to at present, so please allow a few days for this order to be process. No money has been taken from your account as yet. If you wish to cancel this order do let us know. Again I apologize for any inconvenience.


Anyone else experiencign delays? Or am I the only unlucky one?

Bunch of cowboys..

Their customer service is pants. I pity any of you that need to return items.

Thank you for your email.

I have looked into your order and can advise you that your order has not processed properly therefore I have had to cancel it. If you wish to place a new order please call us on the below number or go online at [url]www.office.co.uk[/url]

Kind regards,

So their stupid system messed up, which meant that my order was never processed... they never noticed this error themselves, and I had to email them to query it. Today, they told me that have cancelled it, and have 'kindly' advised that I can place another order... the items I actually ordered are now out of stock, because they were in the clearance.

How annoying!

Wont be ordering from them again. Their website is tediously slow and their 'sytems' leave a lot to be desired for!
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