Final clearance @ TKMAXX in-store [reebok shoes from £4, jeans £2 etc..]

Final clearance @ TKMAXX in-store [reebok shoes from £4, jeans £2 etc..]

Found 9th Aug 2016
been to couple of TKMAXX shops today and saw the final clearance boards
Dont go to high street shops .. visit the ones outside city centre.

This is the list of things i was able to get
Full Black Reebok crossfit hightop shoes - £6
Black and neon green Reebok crossfit hightop- £4
DKNY 30x32 denim jeans - £2
GUESS ladies sandals [size 4 and 5] - £5
Ben Sherman suit (2 piece) £20
Ralph Loren coral f/s shirt - £9

Check your local stores ... there may be few left

for the guys in chester .. in sealand road tkmaxx , there are few sizes of reebok shoes still left @£7 . And jeans and shirts.

Good luck


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£42 on ebay ... got it for £4 in tkmaxx. Same model and size

there nothing of the sort there

Just rubbish no one wants in most stores!

Tk maxx is store specific. May have 1 of something or may have 10.

Never understood the hate some have for TKMaxx, sure you find some complete guff in there, but they also sell clothes! (_;)

But no I like a lot of their stuff, just out of season / end of line items.

TK Maxx have ruined their stores...

Gone are the days of TK Maxx having variety, value for money and clearance lines.
All their clothes sections have been halved in favour of full priced Shoes taking up 50% of the stores.

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checked 3 stores ...all 3 has the final clearance section

Thanks, picked up reeboks for me £7, Rochas, pure wool trousers in classic black £3 and a pair of chinos also £3. (Speke)

Earlier this week, Ciate nail stuff £3, Dead Sea bath salts £2, beautiful Merino wool Paul Costello jumper £6. (Warrington)

thanks for posting op. does anyone know when the clearance ends ? heard yesterday was the last day, not sure though
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