Final Fantasy Advent Children 2 Disk Set £4.99 @ Play.com Free Delivery & Quidco
Final Fantasy Advent Children 2 Disk Set £4.99 @ Play.com Free Delivery & Quidco

Final Fantasy Advent Children 2 Disk Set £4.99 @ Play.com Free Delivery & Quidco

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Two years later...

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is the much anticipated sequel to Square's top selling game Final Fantasy VII: a full blown CGI movie!

After Cloud saved the world from Sephiroth, the citizens of the planet begin suffering from a strange sickness called Geo-Stigma. Meanwhile, Cloud has secluded himself, and is being haunted by demons from his past...

Cheapest i could find this...


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Anyone know if this film's any good?

Yes, it's quite good. Personally I know flap all about the Final Fantasy 'universe' and still liked it. I assume you'd get more out of it if you were a follower.


In my (a FFVII fan) opinion, Advent Children is all flash. The story is very weak.

Is it worth adding to your DVD collection? Yes. It looks and sounds stunning, making it worth watching at least once.

Still find it hard to believe the 20 minute animated extra that came with the AC special edition (FFVII: Last Order) turned out to be better than AC...

Edit: This no bargain, btw - The next best price is £5 @ Woolworths. All of the other prices aren't far behind.

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Does that 20 minute bonus ep come with this set do you know please Aion?

Am currently playing FFIX on my dusty old PSOne!:thumbsup:


No, it was only released with the expensive (and now rare) Japanese special edition. Do you want me to PM you with a (subbed) torrent link?

FFVII: Last Order is a retelling of the events that took place in Nibelheim - Starting with Cloud and Zack escaping from Nibelheim and ending with the truck scene. It's main purpose is to add personality to Zack, the character we learned a fair amount about but never got to know during FFVII.

Thanks (Rep & Heat added) =)

FFVII: Last Order = Cool... Worth the download :thumbsup:



Thanks (Rep & Heat added) =)

Woolworths are selling this for 1p more. All other stores have pretty much the same price.

£5 is a good price for a 2-disc set (even more so when it's FF), but I fail to see how this deal can be voted hot when you look around at other prices...

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Surely if this is a good deal then, as you yourself have admitted it is, then all the other deals are good deals too, this just so happens to be the cheapest. If everywhere was selling Playstation 3's for £50 then it wouldnt be a bad deal.

The glass is half full my friend.

Seriously though, not as good as i first thought then.:thinking:
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