Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles - The Crystal Bearers (Nintendo Wii) £17.93 delivered @ The Hut

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles - The Crystal Bearers (Nintendo Wii) £17.93 delivered @ The Hut

Found 23rd Feb 2010
Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles - The Crystal Bearers opens up a whole new style of game design never experienced in previous 'Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles' games. Set in a huge and beautifully created open-world universe, players will be treated to a magnificent story of adventure, exploration and puzzle solving.

A thousand years have passed since the events of the original Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles. The destruction of the Yuke Crystal during the Great War had at once brought the victorious Lilty Tribe prosperity, the defeated Yuke Tribe apparent annihilation, and the world a new age of science and reason. In this new era exists a rare breed of powerful beings called "crystal bearers", whose seemingly magical abilities have led them to be feared and scorned by the public.

A young mercenary name Layle, a crystal bearer, has been hired to escort the new passenger airship Alexis, the pinnacle of Lilty technology and a symbol of their current dominance. However, when the Alexis is suddenly besieged by a horde of monsters, Layle comes face to face with an adversary thought to have vanished from the pages of history, on a quest that may threaten the future of the world...

Be The Crystal Bearer: Become Layle and push his crystal bearer skills to the max, as he and his companions discover the truth about their mysterious adversary.
Leap, Hurl and Smash Your Way To Victory: Enjoy exhilarating, real-time combat using intuitive, action-based manipulation of weapons, enemies - and even Layle himself.
Enjoy Cutting-Edge Graphics and Audio: Blistering 3D visuals push the Wii hardware to the limit, and an emotive orchestral score brings the game's world irresistibly to life.
Immerse Yourself In The Legend: Lose yourself in the epic story and its cast of unforgettable characters, set in a vast and breathtaking fantasy world.
Explore The World, Discover New Abilities: The open-world design means that you're free to explore however you wish, while the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controls encourage all kinds of playing styles and tactics.

Taking place one thousand years after the original Crystal Chronicles, The


Argh! I just went to go buy this now that I have been paid, and it's gone back up in price! However, can still be found at this price at Amazon, woohoo!…OFO

This needs to be expired now =[

It's still £17.93 @ the hut

Heat added


It's still £17.93 @ the hutHeat added

Yeh it went back up, but looks like it's back down all of a sudden only for 24 hours.

Why is this expired again? It's £17.93 and in stock?
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