Final Fantasy IV - Nintendo DS - £19.99 @ CD-WOW
Brand new US version, fully compatible with the UK DS. Approx £24 at Play-Asia. I've bought a few DS games from CD-WOW and never been charged import duty - but to be safe, order it on its own.

List price is £20.49, use discount link to get for £19.99.

* One of the most loved FINAL FANTASY games ever made, returns with a full remake for Nintendo DS.
* A classic, superbly written adventure with heroes, betrayal, redemption, love and magic are awaiting you.
* Beautiful 3D graphics with a stunning hand-painted style and fully arranged audio immerse you into the world of FINAL FANTASY IV like never before.
* Superb gameplay now with all-round additions including Touch Screen control, enhanced Dual Screen usage, arranged boss battles, a dungeon mapping system and also the facility for characters to learn abilities from their friends.
* Fully-voiced cut-scenes, with high quality 3D characters maximise use of the hardware to set a new standard in Nintendo DS storytelling.
* New additional episodes let you explore the unseen lives of the main characters.
* Event Theatre bonus mode lets you replay any scenes that have already been viewed.
* Special new mini-game lets you nurture your own summon monster and battle a friend via DS Wireless Communications!


Excellant! Does anyone know when this is due out in the UK officially?

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