Final Fantasy Tactics A2  (DS) £17.83 delivered @ The Hut

Final Fantasy Tactics A2 (DS) £17.83 delivered @ The Hut

Found 28th Jun 2008
Game description:

Our tale begins as Luso, an energetic young boy, discovers a mysterious book whilst tidying the library as a punishment for his latest episode of light-hearted mischief. He opens the book and is transported to another world called Ivalice. Before he can catch his breath, he finds himself joining a clan led by a friendly, if gruff, man named Cid. With his new clan at his side, he sets out to find a way home

Special Features:

* Enjoy turn-based, tactical battles on isometric 2D maps set in the hugely popular FINAL FANTASY® universe
* Lead a clan of fighters, mages and more as you explore the world of Ivalice, the setting of FINAL FANTASY XII
* Battle enemies with steel, magick and summoned monsters
* Amazing graphics with special effects that push the limits of the Nintendo DS
* Immersive soundtrack from the composer of FINAL FANTASY XII
* Endless variety and customization with over 50 available jobs more than any other FINAL FANTASY game
* More than 300 quests provide hours upon hours of gameplay
* Enhanced Law System that rewards players for upholding the law with bonuses during and after battle
* Compete with rival clans to claim territory in the unique Auction mini-game
* Includes touch screen functionality, a feature not included in the original Japanese version

RRP: £29.99
Release date: 27th June 2008

Just got this game from for £17.92 (w/ 8% Quidco although this didn't track yet). The Hut offers this at £17.83 (w/ 5% Quidco) so choose which one you prefer but I'd say go for The Hut (relating from past experiences).

As for the game itself, it's not like other final fantasy RPGs games. It's more like Advance Wars but with Mages, Chocobos, Hunters etc. Definitely one of the better games on the DS. Only DS wireless play though (2 players) and the battle system is a bit tedious but thankfully there's a quicksave feature.

IGN gave it a well deserved 9.0 (out of 10).
Full review can be found here:…tml


Sounds like a good deal. However, I am going to be buying this game for when I go on holiday in about a month and a half. Is it worth buying this from the Hut now at this price, or does anyone think it will decrease anymore than this?

I saw the good reviews but after playing it I was a bit dissapointed. Similar turn based gameplay to the Advanced Wars games but not as good in my opinion. Decent deal though.

I would wait abit, has reduced two of there final fantasy games to £9.99 in there sales :thumbsup:

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I would wait abit, has reduced two of there final fantasy games … I would wait abit, has reduced two of there final fantasy games to £9.99 in there sales :thumbsup:

For a currrent release it's a good deal. I'm enjoying this game more than those silly games like Dora Explorer DS that go for £15. No wonder game developers churn out shovelware every week, there's obviously a market for them. :roll:

Also, those two FF games were abit nuff tbh.
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