Final Fantasy Unlimited - Complete Collection - £17.89 Delivered @ Sendit - 7 disks

Final Fantasy Unlimited - Complete Collection - £17.89 Delivered @ Sendit - 7 disks

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Found 23rd Feb 2009
It's a similar price elsewhere i know, but the reason i'm posting this is because they used to sell these DVD's each for approx £10-15 EACH !!

I believe this is the complete collection which is 7 DVD's?

I realize there is now an 8th series coming out which is probably why some sites have got this cheap

Either way, it's a bargain if you're into your anime.


Any good - I think I tried the first episode and didn't come back to it. Anyone able to recommend this?

Edit - cheaper at Lovefilm using 10% vouchercode (quidco10 I believe)

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I've saw one episode and it looked decent. Bought the box set myself, if it's really that bad i could always sell it on, but for the price, i can't grumble, like i say, they used to charge £10-15 for each DVD and i never bought them at that price because it's ridiculous, but £17.98 for the full set is as decent as it'll ever get

It's pretty bad. Not much to do with Final Fantasy other than a few themes.

I did manage to watch it all the way through because I do love FF and the bits with the Kaze(?) guy are pretty cool.


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I had these a couple of years ago and while they didn't follow typical FF traits, they were quite enjoyable. 25 episodes that I am aware of, so if there are more to come ... I'll have some
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