Final Fantasy Unlimited: Complete Collection (7 Disc DVD Boxset) £17.87 + Free Delivery @ Argos Ent.

Final Fantasy Unlimited: Complete Collection (7 Disc DVD Boxset) £17.87 + Free Delivery @ Argos Ent.

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Based on the Final Fantasy games, Final Fantasy Unlimited is a gripping action-packed adventure of epic proportions!

12 years ago, the gateway to another world suddenly appeared and two mysterious beasts of astonishing power awoke! The beasts appeared to destroy each other, leaving behind only a myriad of unanswered questions and the inexplicable Pillar of Darkness. Now, the twin children of two scientists who disappeared on that so-called Day of Conjunction set forth on a hazardous quest in search of their lost parents. Boarding a phantom subway, Ai and Yu travel to Wonderland, a chaotic world of amazing beauty and thrilling danger. Accompanied by Lisa, an enigmatic woman they meet on the train, and Kaze, a brooding stranger with a demon-summoning gun, the twins begin an incredible journey that will lead to the mysterious heart of Wonderland.
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Good price, terrible anime


Good price, terrible anime

Awww, I thought it was ok. Nothing earth shattering, but worth a watch.

Didn't the series get canned halfway through or something, so they had to finish the story really quickly?

(I could be talking complete rubbish, but I'm 'sure' I heard this!)

Yeah apparently the budget got cut and the series was cut in half
But I couldn't watch it, it reminded me too much of pokemon where the guy always comes in at the end (incredibly randomly appears most of the time) and finishes the battle with 1 hit


Good price, terrible anime


I remember getting all of this on 56k (many, many years ago). Pretty terrible. in fact the worst anime I've sat all the way through.

Probably good for kids though/ real FF fans (although it's not got that much in common with the games).

Lol the only thing good about this anime is when that fella loads up his gun with 'soul', otherwise wouldn't waste your time :P

this is about the price i paid for it a while back, its a very overratted anime, but probbly worth the watch at this price.
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