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FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE - EPIC Store - Turkey region - VPN required - £13.47 @ Epic games

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FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE - EPIC Store - Turkey region - VPN required - £13.47

Create Turkey account if you dont have one already by connecting to Turkey on a VPN. Cannot use UK acount. Coupon discount at check out will drop to TRY 298.82, pay with a fee free card and it will be around £13.47. Dont usually pay for games on Epic but price is too good

To help clarify some queries I have done some testing:

- I have managed to create another Turkey Epic account this morning fine. Took 2 minutes. Coupon was present and game was at correct price at checkout. I didn't pay as I don't want waste another cost on a game I just bought. If you have trouble creating account then it's your VPN. Please see comment from LeonardoDaSilva below for details

- I used Nord VPN for account creation and for during payment with my Halifax clarity card. Once paid I could disconnect VPN, download, install and play game fine

- Is there any ban? My account is 2-3 years old and still working so I cannot say for others. Like any system there are stories of bans but for £13.50 you decide if it's worth the risk (if any). Like any Final fantasy games they tend to keep their price well so I do not expect this to be any cheaper as this voucher appears to happen yearly at this time only and I think it's valid until the 5th so if you want the game don't miss out. Plenty of gameplay and mod community this is a bargain in my view

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    Hello, first of all sorry for my English, I speak Spanish.

    You can't make an account with vpn to buy games in Turkey because you will be banned, you can claim games, play but you won't be able to buy games. This happens because the ip of the vpn is already blacklisted and the account will not work, what you can do is buy residential proxies from Turkey and try. There are people that make the change and it costs 5 dollars, on reddit you can get
    The accounts that have had problems are those that have been made with vpn in recent months, it no longer works to create an account with vpn.
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    I fail to see how they can ban you for it. its highly unlikely. That would mean anyone travelling to another country and logging into their account would equally be banned. unlikely.
    I mean someone flicking on their VPN, buying a game in Turkey, and then they show up 30 mins later playing the game in UK. Might look sus 👀
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    Using a 2-3 year old Turkey Epic account, used Nordvpn to connect to Turkey and paid with Halifax Clarity card.

    Downloaded and running fine without connecting to VPN:


    My account was created to use voucher like this on the previous years so surely many would still have an old Turkey account.

    Not sure about creating new Epic Turkey account for new users though

    Was waiting ages for this game to drop for a long time so Im glad this is working for me. Hopefully can help someone too
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    Have remake on PS5 but waiting for InterMission to go on offer anyway to get that on the cheap using VPN?
    There are discussions for buying in Turkey for PS accounts. But I don't have the link sorry

    I personally haven't bothered to invest in PS5 Digital, as I found physical copies are often cheaper and have resell value.
    I have been a PS fan since PS1 the exclusives was great every previous PS gen. but now PS only have limited exclusive and all games are coming to PC eventually. Unless the PC version optimisation is really bad, I will go with PC version as custom resolution and modding. But for those that don't have a gaming PC I understand
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    Did i read people have had their accounts banned in the past for using this method to purchase on Epic?
    I have a UK account and have set up a Turkey account. Turkey account have remained live for 3 years so far so good. But if anyone knows any risk with evidence support of banning then pklease share
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    So we can use our standard account and just VPN to Turkey to get this price?
    I recommend you setup a separate epic account as I wouldn't want risking your normal UK account. I believe you only need connect to vpn to purchase in Turkey, once you have the game downloaded I don't believe you need to be on VPN anymore.
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    Obviously, it doesn't work. Epic site or app, simply check the region of your account.
    The only way, it to create a new account based in turkey. (edited)
    Yes or buy private proxies
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    Once you've set up the account and bought the game, do you need to fire up the vpn again to buy another game in the future or is it enough to add the payment method once using a vpn?
    I haven't tested so I'm not sure, but I think you may need connect via VPN to make further purchase. Didn't fancy risking any issues with the account so have been connecting VPN to make purchases
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    I created an account successfully, but payment keeps failing. I've tried Aqua Mastercard and American Express. Could be the banks blocking it as it looks suspicious. Anyone had success with these cards? (edited)
    Yea you'll need a fee free card like Halifx Clarity. Maybe try Monzo / Revolut or similar travel card
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    Steam deck question...

    If I get this on a new Turkish account, log out of my British account on Heroic Launcher so I can install it, will that prevent me from playing any Epic games that I've installed from my British login?

    You could probably use legendary launcher or similar third party launcher for the new account. Let me know if the VPN works for you. I couldn't buy anything
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