Final Fantasy XIII - Classics (Xbox 360) £8.78 delivered @ amazon.co.uk
Final Fantasy XIII - Classics (Xbox 360) £8.78 delivered @ amazon.co.uk

Final Fantasy XIII - Classics (Xbox 360) £8.78 delivered @ amazon.co.uk

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A New Fantasy Begins: Embark on an adventure beyond your wildest dreams – packed with breathtaking environments to explore, unique allies to befriend, and awe-inspiring enemies to conquer.
An Audio-Visual Benchmark: Harnessing the power of The Crystal Tools graphics engine, FINAL FANTASY XIII pushes the boundaries of high-definition cinematic presentation, sound and gameplay.
A Unity of Speed and Strategy: The familiar Active Time Battle system has evolved, granting players the freedom to execute numerous commands in a single turn in real-time. Now players can enjoy all the strategy and flexibility of a turn-based system, along with the visceral thrill of an action game.
Turn the Tide of Battle with Paradigms: A brand-new game mechanic known as the Paradigm System enables players to assign roles to their party members at any time during battle. By switching between a variety of roles – including Commando and Medic – players can respond instantly to the needs of an ever-changing battlefield, adapting their strategy to ensure victory.
Unleash Devastation with Enhanced Summoning: Introducing Gestalt Mode: an exhilarating take on FINAL FANTASY’s trademark summon system that elevates the action to a whole new level. In Gestalt Mode, the player uses simple button commands to unleash the combined might of the characters and their transformed Eidolons, inflicting massive damage to any who stand in their way.
Lose Yourself in the Drama: An immersive storyline draws the player ever closer to a cast of intriguing characters. Will they have the strength to face their fate, or are they doomed to destroy everything they love?


Hot !! Brilliant Game!! Hope I can get PS3 version for that price...
Edited by: "Winter.Cloud" 5th Jan 2011

Niiiiiiice. Good find.

Excellent find, what a fall from grace though (the Final Fantasy Series). Heat added.

These games are invariably pretty, and have some nice storyline to them, but the combat system just drags far more than necessary. Special moves that involve a 15-20 second cinematic are a real pain in the ****... I'd only really go for such slow turn based combat in a strategy game.

A lot of RPGs put a delay on how often you can attack without it being so painfully drawn out.

I know I'm in a tiny minority, but meh.

Another to add to the to be played pile !

God I hate this site...................... ordered!

10 hours into it and so far loving it - maybe a little too linear but graphically the most stunning game I've ever played, and so far enjoying the storyline too

Heat added.



£9.75 too but ordered anyway and voted HOT!!! Just don't know when I'm going to find the time to play it

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well i suppose one had to be a good deal

Got stuck on this game then got annoyed.
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