Final Fantasy XIII  *Pre-Order* PS3 - £33.99 @ Shopto

Final Fantasy XIII *Pre-Order* PS3 - £33.99 @ Shopto

Found 13th Jan 2009
Final Fantasy XIII is part of three games being called Fabula Nova Crystallis (that's "The New Tale of The Crystal" to those of us not fluent in Latin), with two of the titles appearing on PS3 and one on mobile phones. The fantasy is far from over!

From sweeping shots of a lush canyon filled with dense vegetation stretching beyond the horizon to stylish, fast-paced battle sequences. From massive airships flying around a floating cluster of tall, dark spires that appeared to be a city to a demonstration of magical powers to combat the enemy .


holy **** its going to be awesome

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holy **** its going to be awesome

Yes.. Yes it will be!
Havent got a PS3 tho.. going to borrow my gf's brothers PS3 lol
going to pre-order the 360 version tho

Can't wait for this game, one of the reasons I will be buying a 360 soon (+ Tekken 6/SFVI)

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There is 3 versions of this game btw, PS3, Xbox360 and also on your Phone

Can't see the phone being as good really.

lol no wai,

My phone is far superior to your so called gaming console. :-D

SquareEnix have just posted up a trailer for this


Looks flippin' awesome! :thumbsup:


Final Fantasy XIII will be a multilingual extravaganza that will let hardcore fans switch to the original Japanese audio tracks for a more authentic otaku-fest - or at least it will be on the PS3. On the Xbox? Not so much.

Final Fantasy XIII will take advantage of Blu-ray’s superior storage capacity and spoil PS3 gamers with a complete Japanese dub. The Xbox 360, alas, has no Blu-ray. Its DVD drive is titchy by comparison and only has room for voice acting in boring old, perfectly comprehensible English.

“Obviously, when we talk about XIII it’s for PS3 and Xbox - with PS3 being on Blu-ray there would be enough memory, but on Xbox probably not,” said producer Yoshinori Kitase.

Its not the greatest selling point for a game, perhaps, and we can’t see Square Enix plastering the PS3 box with any special stickers or anything - but it is one of the first concrete examples of content being left off the Xbox due to storage constraints. Square Enix has previously trumpeted the fact that the PS3 will be able to store all the game’s content on one disc.

Sony has taken a bit of stick over cramming an expensive Blu-ray player into the PS3 - However it now looks like they were right all along?
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