Final Fantasy XIII X360 £16.49 With Quidco! @ Coolshop.co.uk Delivered!
Final Fantasy XIII X360 £16.49 With Quidco! @ Coolshop.co.uk Delivered!

Final Fantasy XIII X360 £16.49 With Quidco! @ Coolshop.co.uk Delivered!

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Cheapest On xbox so far!

£16.49 Without Quidco Still Very Cheap!


Very cheap for this! Shame Just Cause 2 STILL is not coming down in price despite being out for longer! If i cave now it will drop like a rock tomorrow, gotta stay strong.

Great price for a great game. Bought on release day on the PS3 and still playing it.

Deal prices shouldn't include Quidco :thumbsup: Still the best price though so heat added

i completed it the day it came out.

I got this for 14.99 from a deal on here last week. It's ok graphics very good but hours of f m v story is ridiculous childish and impossible to understand it's a game aimed at the jap market gameplay is very very dated compared to the best western rpg. Light years behind the likes of fallout , masseffect, oblivion, I like RPGs so I find it worth playing but only worth it for ardent fans


i completed it the day it came out.

Considering the length of the game, I find that highly unlikely unless either:
a) you imported the Japanese version
b) you're a pirate

This is a decent game for a decent price, but I'd probably only recommend it to fans of the genre.

Well I just finished chapter 7 and have spent around 15 hours on it, I have skipped some of the childish, purile pointless fmv, have watched most of it though. Also havent read any of the huge amount of text back story, its completely linear basically like walking down one long corridor so I have seen everything there is pretty much thus far and fought virtually all the enemies presented.

There are 12 chapters, it will probably take me around 25 hours to complete it but for the proper nerds watching all the video reading all the text back story, fighting everysingle enemy (more than once if you backtrack) you could easily spent 40 - 50 hours on it I imagine.

Personally I cant see why you would want to, I spent 200 hours on Fallout but its just so far beyond and above this title. Its certainly much more than 10 times better.

Its a pretty game but another title like MGS that doesnt do anything to prove the need for BR discs - virtually all the disc space is taken up by FMV.

Fallout and oblivion have virtually no fmv and fit on one dvd 9 and are much much better games so it just shows you.
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